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After the news. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Forecasters say the expect hurricane Florence to become more powerful today as it gets closer to the Carolinas as NPR style. Snyder reports the category four storm is threatening areas that more than five point four million people call home, the Hurricane Center is warning those who are still making preparations to protect life and property that they're running out of time. The center says tropical storm force winds will I reach the Carolina coast on Thursday making outside preparations difficult. If not dangerous maximum sustained winds are one hundred forty miles per hour. And forecasters say Florence will bring life threatening storm surge in rainfall to the Carolinas in the mid Atlantic region. NPR's Joel Snyder, meanwhile, football games and classes are cancelled and parts of the mid Atlantic and some campuses and dorms are closed ahead of hurricane Florence NPR's. Alison edward. He has more colleges and universities throughout the Carolinas have cancelled classes through the weekend and some into early next week schools along the coast as far north as Virginia have also closed on some college campuses. Dorms will remain open, but students are strongly encouraged to leave campus in others residents halls have been closed and students forced to evacuate the university of North Carolina Wilmington instructed students to have a full tank of gas a paper map and cash for UNC students with no other housing options. The branch in Asheville has set up cots to house displaced students.

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