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Moves to the movie behind center AT mobile phone back on him. we'll get back to the lines. what's a great job by apple just to avoid taking a loss there tape on Wilson finally made to stop with the choice that might have actually been picked up a yard and you could see us down into our. therefore Philip rivers is gonna make your mate all the polls what do the so called the confusion between bill well a lot of differences doors still been late this is Megan refers to move it up to her to give the defense for folks in old band right over the center. exactly right that's the stop the war those that the services it is a three. with rivers and the respect for a motion to the left side plate pockets with one. good on that one. for one the back not to be able to stop up in the pocket also a person was able to get the free will put up with a lot. you know where he's going to be a lot. so he's going to be there for you. for the line to force the sidewall need to do that Jamal Agnew back deeper Detroit. Agnew. right.

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