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And it was all written up in the newspaper in the newspapers at the WVU library. So it's about the story about this little boy his name is Harry spits FBI e and he had a father another and a father, and they lived there and work in town, and he had this weird disease. And when he has about three he died. I can't remember what did you say is west? But anyway, anybody wants find out that read up on it? And so there's a cemetery there. Right close to town. Right. The end of high street and all the people that lived around its people house all around it. And these people heard an explosion one evening. I don't know what part of the day it was. But they heard an explosion the grab check it out. And they can't find nothing all up around everything they thought it was a gas explosion. And come to find out they go little Harry's grain. And this is a good one. I even talked to somebody that was there when it happened a lot 'cause I write books, and I you know, studied up on everything. Talk to the guy that worked at the cemetery and everything, but anyway, his that his casket was in kind of exploded and it come out of the ground. It raised up about three weeks. And you could see a crack, you know, under the side and everything that the ball had opened up from the inside out like it blew out, and Harry Spitz and been buried for sixty years about sixty years and the freaky part was when they opened it up. He looked like he did sixty years ago. Yeah. Well, Ted, but yeah. Cool at the same time. You're right. And when he died his mother, they put his mother and mental hospital know, how long it went to a mental hospital and a friend of mine was like one of those nursing assistant. So she actually helped take care of her there. I found out much later, and she told me when she started to work there that they told her that once a year they called her. I don't know what they don't remember what they call it spits, they called her specialty his mother, and they said her furniture in her room would change around the furniture and move around change. Rearrange furniture. Sure happened once a year. But nobody of course, they don't do that. And then lost it. You know? Right. He thought they was just kidding around. And while she was working there it actually happened. Anyway, the WVU patriots. I thought at the college the professors would go and talk to Harry once in a while because he was a genius. So they knew the kid and this name quite often. And when this happened they couldn't find no gas explosions. There's no too much on the ground. They did everything. And they couldn't figure out what happened because there was no no proof of anything. Why this happened? And that coupled of funeral homes got together, and they re very him and everything and putting back in the ground. And so there's all kinds of stuff written on him over the years. And it's it's like I said, you can find all kinds of stuff about it. But appreciate that. That's very interesting story. It is a strange story and. You know, the, obviously the you've got enough data points in there along the way too, including the journalism piece. I wonder I'm sort of surprised that that story hasn't popped up before we haven't seen it on one of those goes TV shows or something college somebody is doing some podcast and were just did what about him about him? Okay. Good. An award winning podcast a seven hour one on the coeds that were beheaded in nineteen.

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