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Just interested in your thoughts. It's going to be solved. It's not going to be solved. How serious it seems to me. Very unfortunate to have a really good team have to sit out a week and then plated first game if they're from georgia for example in washington state in home games in college. Football is is really really about. Yeah i read that about jason gain. He was right about that That's the flow right now. Billie and i think it's convenient reason why they're moving on that. They don't know what to do with all these contracts. I think they should just blow everything up and and start from scratch. But i think it's a terrible idea to to go to a neutral sites on the second week You know the neutral site games are not even great for the semifinals and the finals. But they certainly don't need to be played Weeks two and three to preserve the the bowl system. Well yeah initially they are remembering. You understand this They have contracts with all these bowl games. And i think that's the only way going to placate down but my feeling is. Hey guys thanks. Thanks a lot but this is how we're doing it but you know every time you think the college football leaders take a big step forward They back up a little bit. Okay listen i question about mississippi. I've to foot the question. Of course i question. What makes the women's golf team so good at all. Almost coach must be great. That's usually wh a. And i'm certainly not a golf expert. But normally it it is because of that there are also a lot of. I think a couple of things may golf teams. Great the coaches critically important. Also the locale. Where do you practice. What type of courses do you have access to. And i think that's always important factor and whether Let me i mean if you went to play golfing in the philadelphia area. You can only play a much shorter amount of time. Where if you go to if you go in this sippy You can be out there. Maybe ten months out of the year kids sport and well uh it it it usually it has been. Yeah golf right now. And it's you know the There are exceptions. Of course. But i i mean you you you learn how to play golf at about four years old. I mean with professional tutors and golf camp. It's hard to roll out of bed and become a professional golfer. that's interesting its final question about football team. You were talking on a number of weeks ago about teams that might breakthrough arkansas and missouri. Were to to mention and you know a few years ago. I would have put ole miss and those two schools kind of in the doghouse are struggling to the fifty fifty seasons and i wondered what ole miss is not doing or am i missing something. I'm sort of almost fans. Yeah well i think what they're trying to do. Shore up the defense The defense has been the problem at all miss for a couple of years and last year. The offense you know really could play with anyone in the country. But the defense couldn't couldn't stop teams They had elite against auburn. They had elite against lsu and they lead both of those games getaway. The alabama game was attract me but they have a good defensive coordinator dullness. He's a former maryland head coach but ultimately they just they need better player. I mean they're getting them but I'm not sure they have enough broker. Thank you bill. Good to hear from you. Pleasure william is up next in louisiana. Hello william you're on the air. I like to talk about the toolman playoff deal. Sure and like you know how like it's like it's twelve million.

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