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Every year audible visits the state capital in sacramento with the latest class of the chicano latino youth leadership project. It's a group you belong to when he first heard about one eighty-seven out of those now president of the nonprofit when i went to the conference tonight before i sat and the the assembly floor and i remember seeing two maybe three spanish earnings but now i went back and i counted thirty six names. So you talk about impact. You talk about a change. I mean. I'm looking at this board of of legislators there it is it's right there. Laura molina has a similar take one eighty seven. We became voters which started changing things. People like my mother stood there and filled out her application for citizenship and she became a citizen so it changed people's minds immediately and everybody woke up and said it past what happened. It shouldn't bad. One eighty-seven changed kevin nealon to. He's one of the activists organized a big l. a. march october nineteen ninety-four. The thought that politicians could actually tear at the fabric of who we are as a great country. Got me to thinking along with my colleagues. Maybe one of us should run for office. In two thousand fourteen. Kevin becomes the first latino california senate president in one hundred thirty years. My political awakening was properties seven. There's no question about it. The prevailing narrative is that wilson's embrace of one eighty-seven doomed the republican party in california forever after wilson and his defenders reject out of course. But just ask the latinos who lived through one eighty-seven and are still around. Ask people like me better yet. Ask california's latino legislative caucus to coincide with the twenty fifth anniversary of prop one eighty seven. They're releasing short film. Titled thank you pete wilson. Thank you governor wilson..

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