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Cash call in remax by the way he's my son cation grantee okay so here we are finishing up this ridiculous three years of impeachment they're not working on our big problems not working on healthcare but you're going about twenty eight percent they haven't worked on our college education where people are dying and get going up over thirty percent well you're supposed to be getting three percent raise that ridiculous Jane our health insurance I think other teachers of twenty eight percent college education of thirty percent we also have ranch up sixty percent goes on and on and on they tell us there's no inflation you know why they tell us in on pledging because then they would have to raise interest rates are not going to do that because they don't want to spoil the no interest rate low interest rate party so they can keep the stock market going up which they can take parking space in your head that the market is going up because the economy is doing well stock market has nothing do the economy's going up because interest rates are near zero and these people are pumping money into the stock market because they can borrow money at zero zero even one and a half one point seven percent that's what's driving the market not the economy the economy sucks the economy has been going down economy is decelerating well the market's been accelerating which causes a huge diverges a very negative diversion but you don't have to worry about that my gang members have to worry about that because the only way you're going to make money if they get in your mind it whatever you're being told by these fake business cable news networks it's all garbage third job is to make you feel good she gone by new car their jobs make you feel good go borrow money for student loans their job is to make you go buy new furniture they can do that by pointing to the stock market should look in stock markets going up that means you con was doing well but they're not going to tell you stock markets going up the economy's going down the proof is in GDP numbers a provision earnings numbers they don't lie but they don't tell you that so the way to make money is again is to follow the money and I've been his business over forty years now here's the market was up on here to mark goes down I don't care if the economy's good on give the economy's bad doesn't make any difference to me or my members because one thing I have learned after forty years in this business almost forty five years actually there's only one thing that makes the stock move institutional Monday and cheerleading and cheerleading that's what makes the market go up Israeli institutions are like cattle they follow each other you like cattle hedge funds by G. A. they all by G. that's how it works when the big insurance companies by fat actually all by FedEx or DHL FedEx they all do it together like cattle they do heard should you got to do it and I learned this the hard way tap into that short if you're going to listen to this garbage a.

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