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Episode. Today we got our guy. Guy Glenn how is back? What was that? I sincerely hope that was not a sign of things to come in and said. We're else we're going to go off the walls. You just do a squeaking bed noise. fucking. If it was. A bed or a bird, Dolphin. A Baby Sea Lion. A Dolphin riding atop the ocean with a bed on its back in the bird Dodos fucking on it. That's our interview of Glenn Howard Center. That's what you're going to hear today on a powerhouse episode of Casey. Radio we got. We got our voicemails we're GONNA. Talk, we're going to chop it up and then Glenn to wrap things up. So it's a dolphin with a bed and Dodos fucking listen a KFC radio fugger's brought to you by Owens mixers now, maybe maybe that Dolphin and that Dodo or drinking a transfusion getting a little loose up there that's why they're here in our area. That's usually I drink transfusion. You loosen up the owens mixers are good because you know. It goes down easy because you mix it with some meant cucumber lime or you mix it with the grape and ginger ale transfusion makes these mixers make every alcoholic beverage a little more enjoyable, smoother a little easier to drink. Next thing you know you loosen up get a little lubricated and then it's our ain't earning eight with a couple of dodos on top of a bed on a dolphin. So. If they want to do that is just the celestial fuck. I love it just advocates any of these drinks. GIN, if you're into the Ryan Reynolds Shit. It really is according to John. He's saying that. But okay I'm not the only one I agree Jin Dude I've been. I've been I've been flexible Jin lately. Have you? Yeah. What's the mixer. Like. A cocktail bar I'll get like, okay. What kind of cocktail Jin you you in Mule Jin Moscow mules boy was that tough cucumbers I was trying to say they got that. Not Exact. There's like. Refreshing, it's got flowery taste to what does that mean dude I drank one day had flowery flower petals in it like a lot of them. It was the least your so is out of our called ill Florida that fucking hate you..

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