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Years old each different perhaps many centuries the child does little more than crew and it's adorable even when it's eating live frogs yeah it really does that it's quickly become a pop culture phenomenon even The New Yorker created a cartoon about the little Tyke but in a very on Disney move the company introduced baby your out with no toys ready for the Christmas shopping season nothing was on store shelves and only recently could you buy some baby your stuff on Disney's online store Stefanie Wyss saying a consumer products analyst at Jefferies says this is strategy using its ability to withhold information from the broader market place to create excitement and then working with their partners now after to ensure that there's a merchandise assortment that satisfies that excitement in fact the Mandalorians creator John Fabbro has said that he wanted to keep baby Otis existence a secret until the big reveal since creating toys takes months of advance prototyping word could have leaked out so now twenty makers will need time to catch up so what we've seen in the twenty market places that type of product will arrive at retail in March April and may of next year based on how the supply chain works even basic merchandise like clothing printed with baby Otis image didn't come out right away and that left an opening for an official merchandise on it see alone you can buy baby iota crochet dolls tree ornaments tee shirts sutured Brar who owns the Toronto based custom clothing company printed is selling a baby iota ugly Christmas sweater for thirty five Bucks is doing a lot better than we read intended to be honest I we never thought that it would get as popular as it did for our says they've sold hundreds of sweaters in just a week and a half for his two year old business it's been a financial boost no product the record in this popular and we've kind of been working around the clock to make sure all the orders go out on time Farrar is surprise is the Disney left such an opening and merchandising baby Yoda it's an opening that retail consultant Brian Eisenberg does not expect to last long Disney was a client several years ago they create stories to create experiences to create retail revenue there a master at sucking money out of people's pockets now on Disney's online store you can get official baby your tee shirts phone cases bobble heads but you have to pre order the baby Jada toys and action figures arrive in February at the earliest they.

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