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He's definitely the bengals wide receiver and we talked about him in the season-long show but the bengals wide receiver based on price point. That i love this no questions for matchup usual but the volume of either. Yeah davante adams. Eighty three hundred dollars. Michael which seems anytime you get. Devante adams under nine k. Feels like a steal doubt. Michael pittman forty one hundred dollars. Devante smith forty five hundred dollars. Taking on the falcons jerry. Judy under five k. At forty eight hundred and jalen rigor thirty. Seven hundred dollars again. Taking on the falcons. Jalen rigor i realized struggled. Didn't do all the things that we were hoping to see his last year as a rookie but thirty seven hundred dollars my clay. Yeah no question about it. We both us receivers in there. We talked about jalen hurts. You could potentially put some stacks together in in tournament. Keep in mind with wattle willfuller suspended. So he's gonna come in and play a huge role. You might think well devante parker and fuller and they might want us guys. There's no fuller in this game. He is going to play a huge role. And i can apply this data both waddell and devante monte smith. They were both top. Ten picks six of the seven wide receivers picked on the top ten over the past decade. Who didn't get hurt played. Thirteen plus games. Six of the seven were top. Thirty fantasy receivers so again possible. These price points go way up for a guy like smith and waddell going forward. Really interesting about t- higgins to fortieth price receiver. This week he finished twenty one in his in his Fourteen four games last year and again. We expect them to be pretty clear number. One in this match up as tomorrow chase learns how to learn how to catch the ball. Honestly and that sounds like i'm insulting. But he said he's having a hard time with it. He said transitioning from college to the pro ball has been an issue and he said we still learning the ropes. And he's gonna come along slowly. In the meantime it should be the t. Higgins and tyler boyd. Show i love it. i'm all in. There are so many wide receivers. We couldn't even name them all but definitely go in there so many valley wide receiver this week and check out. Both mike and al have beautiful articles on. Espn you can go and check out. Mike you've got a great Value reiter that. We're able to go through and talk about if they're great values good values what you like so really really useful definitely check that out with your best buys column which we love every week so definitely check that one out too tight ends. Let's get. We're getting real close to the end. Mike favorite part of the show where we talk about why. My lineup is better than yours kyle. Pits comes in at forty four hundred dollars taking on your philadelphia. Eagles another rookie. That just feels like they're priced super-low but a rookie. How do you know what the expectations are. Mike clay and well because he was a top five pick case i mean he didn't do a lot in the preseason but catches the ball and then you're dislike. I should have drafted this player with the first overall. Pick as all my goodness. I looks ridiculous. So look here's the thing though. Playing the eagles match appear against their you know reworked linebackers and safety. So and you'll probably see some avant in slot he's kind of a defacto slot receiver But he's about. He's almost half the cost of travis kelsen and that's what makes him really appealing chelsea's good value too but considering that pisses about half half the price and makes him a very appealing here should be the number two target beyond calvin really right away again like the matchup and how about this. He is six foot six. He is six inches. On calvin rarely n russell gauge and we expect them three to be the top targets really dominate targets of those three guys. Well once i get to the goal line the guy that's six inches taller. That's where the ball is going to go. We've seen that historically in the nfl just based on play calling so that's another edge. Good chance that he scores a touchdown in this matchup so like pets alive at this price. Yeah no one of the things that i have said often is. You can't teach size and are known for saying that. Yeah yeah and that's one of the things with kyle pits that. I think you're great point there. You go allah. I wanna talk with you about tight ends because you love logan thomas this week again. Only forty six hundred dollars for the washington. Football team love him. I love this price. Point talked to us about why. You love logan thomas hero like the zig when everybody else zags. If everybody's gonna look over here. And say ooh kyle pitch shiny new toy and he's a great value in a situation to make fun of me i think. So am i looking at it. And i'm gonna look over here. And say logan thomas who led the league in terms of routes run her quarterback dropback last year and was signed to a long term deal after his breakout year last season where we saw him basically garner more targets and more endzone usage. More red zone us as the season went on. This team is going has already committed to him. And it's going to continue to keep him in that role and he's on the field these not out there to block. He's basically a wide receiver. Who's just bigger and a little bit husky. Or so they let him have that tight end role at least in fantasy. So i'm paying two hundred more to be a little bit more contrarian over collpase and guess what arbeit for me to think that. It's magic is a better quarterback than what he had last year. But i think that there's going to be improved quarterback play so you have all of those things in terms of volume and routes run and targets and we get better quarterback play from somebody who's going to challenge so i really like logan thomas both in season-long but specifically for this week based on everything that you have to think about when you're playing in tournament towels point. They're just an awesome stats. Logan thomas had a top ten fantasy week with four different quarterbacks last year. None of those four quarterbacks are starting this weekend while or even starting the season at all. They're not starters in the nfl. Pretty incredible now. He goes to ryan fitzpatrick who was top third and qbr last year. Something like third or fourth. Qbr i mean if he plays at that. Level of washington is super bowl candidate. We'll see if he can do it for a full season. Watch out yeah. Couple of tight ends that we really love travis kelsey. We'd be remiss not every week. We basically have to mention travis. Kelsey eighty three hundred dollars taken on cleveland. George sixty three hundred dollars taking on the detroit. Lions feels like a great spot for kiddle. Against what is going to be a tough detroit defense for me all year long..

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