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Five hundred forty seven now you're on news NewsRadio seven forty KTAR HI you've. Probably heard that there's been a, tweet storms going, back and forth on. The molar investigation the president tweeting about it again by the way his press secretary. Says he's not saying that Jeff Sessions has to pull the plug. On the, Muller investigation he's just suggesting that is not all on the up and up in fact bring up the possibility of a conflict of interest for Robert. Mueller, census entire, team, that he hired, for, the rush investigation is filled with Liberal Democrats Dan Abrahams Who's an ABC. Chief legal, analyst dismissed the problem because he says well that's mood because Muller was lifelong quote unquote lifelong Republican I don't know if he was a lifelong Republican. Or, not All I know is was team? Is made up of legal analyst Rachel Hooper former Harris County prosecutor joins us let's, examine this from from strictly a legal standpoint Rachel is there a, potential, conflict of interest at work area, if, you, are investigating. A Republican in everybody on your team is a liberal Democrat I believe their. Ears and, appearance of impropriety here the first. Thing that the Ponant of the president point two, is, the fact that Muller is allegedly a Republican okay well? Let's look at Muller's action one of his first hires a man named Andrew Weisman Weisman on. Election night he was at Hillary Clinton's election night party That really who you want as your. Lead prosecutor on your team what kind of message or you spending so I think the president is correct when he says that there. Isn't a pure of impropriety on bowlers and I hate to say this but DNA should know about this because Dan Abrahams brother-in-law is on Muller's team well That's almost like an. Indictment So so are you one of those people who subscribes to the idea that for whatever reason he doesn't seem to want to do it should Jeff Sessions. Pull the plug on this I think that what Supporters of Donald Trump it any American needs to do is go. Straight to the appointment More that document it's one page it's easily found on the internet guess what Muller's job it's to investigate the Russian government's efforts interfere in our two thousand sixteen election period Then when you see the. Prosecution of Paul Manafort on an. Old case? That was. Previously rejected by the federal prosecutors that has nothing to do with our sixteen election In the world is lower and his team to win So that's. That's what the president. Is talking, about here is right what he's talking about you know this is something that was. News to me yesterday and you just referred to it the fact that this whole Manafort was investigated something, like eight years ago and they all passed on it including Rosenstein Exactly What an incredible situation we're. In, now Paul Manafort case was passed by the federal prosecutors previously rejected. Prosecution and now here we. Are he's walked up during his trial and somehow they're trying to draw some connection between Paul manafort's alleges this deed and our, president and it's This is just about putting the screws. To Paul Manafort isn't it exactly and the judge has called the, prosecutors out on the judge has said all y'all are interested in. Is is trying to make the president look. Bad that's what, you're trying to do here and and hopefully these jurors will see through there I think jurors. Are generally very smart and see what's? Going on and I appreciate the presents for bringing this information to? The, people now this. Is kind of a heady question but. I mean everyone who's an officer of the cord is sworn to uphold the constitution, and to see Justice does this ring of Justice to you this. Whole mess that we've been. In for the last eighteen months no not at all and let's go back to Dan Abrahams why did Danny Bronx disclosed the, fact that His brother-in-law's on Muller's and he's out there claiming bowlers great, this team is great there's no bias well Dan Abrahams sister was an appointed. Or is an appointed federal judge appointed. By Barack Obama so there is bias and prejudice. In in in people's hearts but when it's opening obvious like with, Andrew Weisman the pit bull Muller's team who attended Hillary Clinton's election. Night party this just can't be a prosecutor. Should not have, opening obvious bias and that is Muller and his team Rachel thank you so much good to. Hear from you legal analyst racial Hooper? Former Harris County prosecutor joining us your NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h? Down, to get to. Traffic and weather for the golden to. What's going on out there with Julie hardy The delay if you're on the Sam Houston the. East side of town and you're trying to head north anywhere from Crenshaw to about vista road that's where the delays I'm going to check and, see if you can't find out what's going on, through, their, otherwise we're in pretty good shape on those roadways I'm not seeing any big. Problems on, forty five. North freeway as you're coming in from two forty two to downtown. Just over half hour the Katy freeway that whole stretch from the grand Parkway twenty six. And. A half miles all. The way into..

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