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About a better life, not just the end of life. It's four 20. Yep, you know what that music means traffic and whether on the 8 years Dave dildy. And inbound on the 14th street bridge, the crash just cleared, delays are going to start to ease out of Arlington inbound toward Washington, but still slow northbound on three 95 across the district line. And heavy outbound on three 95 will be good crashes on the opposite span tends to back up George Washington Parkway traffic, which in turn slows the outbound pace with the bottom line is all lanes are open on three 95 near the Potomac river. Westbound on 66 slower near nutley street in 28 and centerville, you're lucky if that's all you have to deal with because westbound west of haymarket. It is very slow going into fog here county. The rollover crash at the fog here county line On the median strip, but the responders had the left lane blocked near broad run, westbound on 66, very slowly getting by to the right toward the planes, 95 southbound heavy newington to woodbridge, short slowdown southbound through Stafford county. In Maryland, pretty much good to go on 95 between the beltways, slower, of course, on the VW Parkway between green belt and Laurel. Just volume on the Parkway, two 70 and good shape, just a minor delays, north of Gaithersburg and clarksburg on the beltway, interloop. Logging down your Connecticut avenue and slow over Georgia avenue rounding past college park toward greenbelt station and on the outer loop some slowing near two O two. 50 is good toward the bay bridge. There's a crash on route 100 eastbound east. Of I 97, it's going to be closer to Richie highway. Backing up eastbound traffic on Maryland route 100. The backup on two 28 and Aki kazi, which means I think they've cleared the works on east of two ten. Take advantage of window nation steep discounts, get two free Windows with every two you buy and pay nothing for two full years, save thousands, 8 6 6, 90 nation or go to window nation dot com. Dave dildy and WTO traffic. Onto storm team four now and Amelia Draper. Low temperatures tonight in the 30s to a cold night with clearing skies and winds picking up after midnight. We then have blustery winds for Tuesday and Wednesday thus up to 50 miles an hour tomorrow and on Wednesday

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