William Barr, E. U., Joe Biden Britain discussed on Bloomberg Businessweek


The national news headlines a Bob Carol thank you even as he told reporters today that he didn't feel pushed to investigate democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden when president trump asked him to do so during a July phone call Ukraine's president Vladimir Zielinski also made it clear he would rather not have been caught up at all in what's become a sensitive U. S. political issue I'm sorry but I don't want to be in the hole the lens he said he wanted to stay out of the U. S. selection which is why Democrats say comes request was improper and a violation of his oath of office during his meeting with the Lynskey on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly today trump repeated his claim that Biden and his son were involved in corrupt business dealings in the Ukraine so does he still want Ukraine's president to investigate well I want him to do whatever yeah this was not his fault he was in there. but whatever he can do in terms of corruption because the corruptions massive now when buying son walks away with millions of dollars from Ukraine the knows nothing and the bank and millions of dollars that's corruption a transcript released by the White House today shows trump asked Ukraine's newly installed leader to work with his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the U. S. Attorney General William Barr to quote look into Joe Biden Britain's main opposition leader has rejected prime minister Boris Johnsons taunting demand for no confidence vote in the government saying he won't support a new election unless they know deal brags it is ruled out labor party leader Jeremy Corbin's says Johnson should secure delay to Britain's E. U. exit scheduled for October thirty first and then quote.

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