Algiers discussed on About to Review - Episode 66 Matthew Cherry, Atomic Blonde, Detroit


I do think i liked the technical aspects of the movie maybe a little better than you did i like to the cinema verite uh sort of approach um the fault raw i will give it the yeah yeah and and i understand you know people that think that that's just this this salacious sort of way of telling sir i mean she's you cinema verite sort of you are there in both her in everything ends road ordinary and probably even dating by men were sorta locked into those movies his or her kind of benchmark oscar contenders movies um so i i do think an and i think again editing around that algiers motel sequence is is really crisp and that's just terrifying after me to sit you know this i as i watched it um but yeah i i think were the movie breaks down for me and i do think i may be like it a little more than you do but but may not be a lot um but i think it breaks down around everything else it needs to be tighter in the beginning it needs to have a better intro to what happens we need a better context if you're going to give us lots of subplots you've got to be cleaner and the ad you've got you gotta give us one or do not give his four or five of it yeah duluth it and you've gotta you've got to make that court seen tighter and more meaningful because here's the thing we can laugh about kozinski chuckles and our press mci are dead review screen audience because nobody knew he was in it um uh.

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