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The area. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and the tunnels that George Lincoln How tunnel All nice and quiet, the Throgs Neck Bridge. You want to avoid construction, slowing you down in both directions. Take the White stone Instead. I'm Rebecca Missouri's next report for 11 on 10. 10 Wins wins News Time for 02 More unrest last night in Rochester video protesters right facing off in another rally, calling for justice for Daniel Prude He is the 41 year old black man who was suffocated after police put a hood over his head while he was suffering a mental health episode in the video. Some protesters can be seen throwing bottles at police. Others used umbrellas to shield themselves from pepper balls. Cop shot into the crowd after they were told to leave. Pamela Owens is a black lives matter organizer in Rochester and promises those rallies are going to keep going until there is justice. We would definitely protest until some changes. I would definitely be out here I've been on for 15 weeks now will continue to be out here marching for black light matter. The Rochester Police Department estimates about 1500 people marched on City Hall last night earlier in the day. State Attorney General Tish James said she is impaneling a grand jury to investigate what happened to prove he died back in March. But video of his encounter with police didn't surface until last week when his pant with it when his family put it online. It went viral right after they posted it. His erratic behavior led prudes brother to call 911 mental advocates say the episode demonstrates how police are ill equipped to deal with people suffering from emotional problems. City Councilman Richie Tourist spoke with 10 10 wins about that tweet. Many are calling homophobic, where Ed Mullins, the head of the City Sergeants Benevolent Association, called the openly gay councilman, a quote. First class whore. Here is our Samantha Liebman on Friday. Councilmember Richie Toure is called for an investigation into whether there was an NYPD slowdown. And if there was a correlation to the spike in shootings this summer soon after a tweet from the NYPD s B a calling tour is a first class whore and lying Richie to read the tweets of The FDA. You would think Donald Trump himself for running the FDA. Twitter Orto tourist says the espa has become nothing more than a hate group, citing a queue and on mug visible on President Ed Mullins is office when giving an interview to Fox News, the group traffics and hate Fuelled conspiracies lies ahead. The Sergeant Benevolent Association, embracing an openly anti Semitic. Why ahead the Sergeant Benevolent Association in beating the privacy of the mayor's shorter. Why is head of the Sergeant Benevolent Association, referring to Health Commissioner and the D word right? This is unacceptable behavior. Samantha Lippman 10 10 wins News and 10 10 wins reached out to the Espa and NYPD for comment. Quick check Now the 10 10 wins Acura the forecast. It is mostly clear and comfortable outside your window, right this Moment alone. 63 in midtown fifties and most outlying areas later on today pleasant with son.

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