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This is your host mark schindler always before we get started today. If you haven't already please be sure to rate and review us over on apple podcasts. Always to hear from you. Get your feedback on any questions. Comments less knows well and of course read us over peru who've dot org so i am really psyched today. Someone who. I've been conversing with actually quite a quite a bit recently. Always listened to his pot over in the know with mason ginsburg schmidt dua of bourbon street shots as well. How are you doing today man. I'm doing well mark. I've i've enjoyed interacting and talking to you over the past few months. I've been excited to come on his podcast and talk some hoops. Yeah definitely man. I so took two people listening. If you're not aware. I think burglary shots does give it away Shemit covers the pelicans and is up in and around new orleans. And you know this season has been very different for a multitude of reasons for for for every team feels like. But this pels team i think is pretty squarely i mean. Would you say it's been a disappointment. So far twenty seven thirty four Given where or how do you view the season. So far yeah. It's a very complex question right because it for it to be a disappointment or a success or anything in between it kind of has to go back to what the expectations were prior to the season. Starting and i think a lot of a lot of people around the league on think a lot of pelicans writers and fans kind of had the pelicans outside of the playoffs. Too big and so the expectation wasn't that they would be good however in the fashion that they have reached that outcome of being just outside. The playoffs has been disappointing because along the way they've discovered. Just how good. Zion williamson is Brandon ingram is also an all star caliber player. And so when you look at some of the pieces around this team especially the top. Two players in bringing in the vets like stephen adams an eric bledsoe we talk about. I'm sure later In hiring a veteran coach in st as damning gundy they should have been better than they are and they shouldn't have blown as many leads as they did which has been. I think emblematic of the season. Where the. Pelicans are phenomenal team. In the first forty five minutes of the game and in the last three minutes they turned into a bunch of preschoolers. Who don't know how to dribble shoot defend due to anything..

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