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Be allowed to purchase firearms so these are good and through his recent two point three trillion dollar infrastructure proposal biden is making an additional five billion dollars in funding available to community violence prevention efforts. This is at the request of advocates are recent. Itt guests greg jackson junior fabulous and survivor of gun violence. Okay so this is personal but also national these actions while yes are modest and biden himself acknowledged that a lot more is calling on congress to pass an assault weapons ban and expand background checks. And let's talk about the gun lobby at said that i'd say it on the air in. Ra all that stuff that he said exactly so people. This is what democracy looks like. it doesn't look like just one vote. It looks like you've voicing your opinions throughout and engaging in democracy by also listening to itt and that leads us to the fact that we've also been tracking the latest on these voter suppression bills that are happening across the country in front of our eyes including the new voting law in georgia that we covered in our recent itt episodes so on tuesday atlanta mayor. Kisha lance bottoms issued an administrative order to counter the statewide restrictions. Boom take that and this was essentially to help every atlanta resident exercise their right to vote. So we're seeing local governments pushed back by the way happens to be that. She's one of the several black women who are leading important cities in the united states like atlanta and there is this local government pushback now so far kentucky i love this. I do love kentucky. It's the only state with a republican controlled legislature to actually pass a bipartisan bill to expand allow voting rights. Except you know there's always a twist of course because it's important to note that prior to the pandemic Kentucky actually had some of the strictest voting laws in the country so this is basically like ooh. We're trying to make up for a bunch abacha that we did. Yeah it was a lotta shits. Now we're gonna give you less yet. Yes so a lot. This week julia. So what are you thinking. It's just you know the biden orders. Oh by the way the same day this happened in customs and border patrol like announced that the most encounters since two thousand one at the southwest border have occurred. That was released on thursdays. Well so yes. I was like. Did anyone asked a question about that. To jen psaki and actually looked at the transcript. I didn't see a lot of like immigration. Talk you're seeing like the biden media cycle be. We're going to talk about this now so like we're to forget you know what i'm saying. I'm so glad you brought that up. Because itt latino usa the we do. We're not here for the osho up now with the live trucks and the thing and be there in front and then marino's alive. The children being held do and then disappear q. I mean yes put no and of course if it was up to me yet do surveys. Joe biden should be done at the border saying. Oh my gosh. I to the refugees. I love you and second to people who are coming because they actually are ready to start a new life for whatever the hell right because people want to move. Yeah he should say you are part of our economic boom. Come on let's go. Let's get to work and mighty. We've also been covering the wave of anti trans bills that have been introduced in legislatures. All across you know the states of america. What you last friday the fabulous jamila king and you know so great to hear jamila king so good. You talked about the bill in arkansas. That would prohibit doctors from giving trans-youth gender affirming care. I mean w t.f. Okay so that. Bill had passed both the state house and the senate but after organizing from local and national advocates governor. Ace hutchinson vetoed the bill on monday. Interesting but then the following day the republican controlled house and the senate in arkansas. They voted to override the veto. Oh making arkansas. The first state to deny healthcare to trans-youth in this way for five or okay. You know what. I'm sorry for the trans youth. Who are listening in arkansas. We'd love you. Yes and many of these bills specifically target trans athletes okay. So that's another thing that people need to know. So we're seeing the national collegiate athletic association of the ncaa student athletes and the women's national basketball association wnba coaches and athletes from that league pushing back and in december wnba's candace parker along with one of my favorite tennis players. Of all time. Billie jean king. I stopped her on. this street. Wants to know is like you're a god issues like and also one of my favorite soccer players of all time. Megan who kicks ass. They all joined more than one hundred seventy five athletes to file amicus briefs in support of a lawsuit against the lawn. Idaho that bans trans women from competing. In women's sports. Idaho was the first state to do so last year. That band so now at least two dozen states have proposed similar legislation. And it's interesting because this all reminds me of a recent episode of the trans lash. Podcast hosted by our incredible. Itt all star amara jones right and amara talked with cc. Telfer the first openly trans woman to win an ncaa title. So let's take a listen one insights. You have about the fact that this is as much about taking away our legitimacy as people as black people and then taking away our legitimacy as women because we stereotyped absolutely. I will be glad to speak on that. And thank you so much for vocalizing that and recognizing that all discrimination in hey is a. He plays a huge role in this situation. Because not only that. It's the black female like trains lives. That are mostly targeted to me. It seems like the only liser targeted especially when it comes to Gender in sports and also. Let's not forget that people in general competing in athletics was unfair to the world because of the their quote unquote reasons where bone mass height. Yep who came up with these rules white men. I know that you spoke to chris. Mosier today. He came to my school. And i was so glad that he brought up when he transition the privileged. I came to him being a white man. People are going out of their way to like. Greet him show him the utmost respect like all of that. When black women are transitioning they hate. They got a lot more discrimination. A lot less respect and all of that stuff and it's just sad. Because that's why i said that i'm such a naive little girl because i just expect the world to be just like me and wear their hearts and their shoulder. Because we're all going through the same things it would make so much sense for all of us to be on the same boat supporting each other and making the movement stronger. Yeah i mean just making the world stronger happier yeah. This is a better place when we are more inclusive always think of beneath the holidays. Yeah you know. The first indigenous president of mexico Supper take indian eighteen sixty five and he said elizabeth dole. The ritual is.

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