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WANNA date? Women are heterosexual man, and you have a cat cat. Be prepared oil otherwise. It's going to be Tet test trophy. Someone. I like a picture like a photo of a guy with a cat. That's Kim. If that cat lives with you. Forget about well. There's a there's a whole. Community. There are many communities of like Lady Boehner's with a gun cuddly. I think you can follow this. Read it, and it's basically like attractive guys and their pets. ADORABLE, but if they're cats can't be there. That's all it's not like making a choice I'm just telling you. I can't do that and you know I'm a dyed in the wool. Dog Person You know. I have a very deep emotional relationship with our our. Our symbiotic roommate. Family member Jesse. Different Jesse's door. New Gene Gene is his thing. Right you're. While we're taping four. Zero. But. like the somebody reminded. In Chile there was a dog that had become kind of folk hero. 'cause he was a stray dog name. Allegro Mata Pacos which translates to English the Black Dog. Healthcare cop killer, and so this is. How that Peop-, the protesters adopted and the dog just instinctually started growling. The police and the police don't know what to do with this. Because usually the COP bringing dogs to harass people and this dog was just like took side with the protesters, and so there's these murals and the dog was adopted by the community and live this amazing life, and a celebrated as as this folk hero. And as a symbol of resistance, there's paintings of them all over the town. Stuff like that. It's super cute. But I feel here in America. They would just shoot the dog and he'd be dead. Well the facts bringing down well you know, but I'm part of it is I think right now? People are speaking up against a systemic violence and injustice, and it is at great risk. Don't forget that, and that is something that we owe a debt of gratitude to all these people who are marching and and putting themselves in harm's way to speak truth to power, and and that's just as Mr Rogers said the one of the hardest things you'll be ever given in your lifetime is the task of making. Desirable and Epeli. And just do that. You've done a great thing. That's very sweet sentiment. Thank you, Mr Rogers for that. To me. It's like that's something that sticks with me and I think about that every day, and it's like. How can we inspire and support people to? Speak Out. You know I think donating money, and you know liking status updates protesting that's that's the surface there you know, and and part of it is like having these difficult conversations with our friends and family and our communities and. Creating space four black leadership, if not by hiring, if if not by training and mentoring is about speaking to that is something that that we all can do and It's something that we're all leaders to somebody, so you know train, other and train other people to create that space and leadership. And Amanda. Like you have put a lot of energy into creating spaces for a diverse number of people throughout your life, and that's something that doesn't get thanked about enough and well I. I, I should be thinking that I. think it should be the norm. Yeah, and I don't understand why. It isn't I. Don't understand why just be. Somebody told me the other day that that she didn't think. I was capable of having What is what is the expression for? A. What is it when you? Not, a subtext, but You know when you have a he. She didn't think was capable of having ulterior motives. And I'm like okay, but I don't know if that's true, but I would like to think that people act that way generally like you should act like you don't have another motive, you should act like you're just doing the right thing, or you should not act like you should just. What's her motives? No, she's that. Motives I don't think so I I mean here's the thing I'm not a position to do anything for anybody. Being with ulterior motives is barking up there on troll. She say she feels like your genuine is another way of saying you're also out in Hollywood land adjacent. Our right. Out here's crazy. Yeah, I just I just don't understand why it's so much harder to be mean, and it's so much harder to be to do wrong things and keep up that facade. I don't understand why people. Remain uneducated and remain ignorant and just choose to be hateful. I don't understand that well. It's kind of like Star Trek you know it's like you and I and mark, and Brian, Sweeney and other people. See this amazing groundbreaking TV series that celebrates diversity. And a great space for black leadership and talks blow injustice, but then conservatives can look at Star Trek and see a completely different thing. Well, the thing star Trek peace through military action is not necessarily the best message I mean. It's a good phone. It's a good. It's a good function for the show, but the reality is, it's like your starfleet or your nothing in that show, and that's kind of a message. They don't really talk about. I mean starfleet itself. Yes, it's great, but like everybody who matters has to be part of this. You know it's like you're in the federation or your dirt. Or you're you're you're in the federation, your rebel or your of Romulus in you know it's like you're the federation or the empire, and its like do I have to pick a military side to be in that functional society. will. Series that's tells the story from perspective of a paramilitary futuristic organization that simultaneously has gotten rid of hierarchies injustice inequality even. Tone reinforces all of those things it will. Yes, exactly, it's like yeah. There's no hierarchy, but you've got gotta do with the captain says. And There's no money, but there's. Yeah. There's no money, but you're just. Social capital is everything. It's like well. You know you might as well have money and. Kato like all science fiction kind of struggles to create a world where. We sort of has escape these problems that we face and it tries to play in an intelligent way in my science fiction. There's no military. It's all it's all private industry. That's one of the things I liked about heinlein before he went completely betcha crazy and want to fuck his daughters in highlands world. It was it was the corporate leaders. It was because. You know he was very aware of the fact that You know something like NASA will only get a so far. What you really need is spacex.

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