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So I think between that and then this armie hammer lost a couple of steps he went in a different direction. Restarted doing more art house staff. You know we popped up in nocturnal animals, for example, reese quite good. He did call me by your name, the independent drama which was fantastic and I think gave him a little more of a boost just in the acting world probably show up in more. You know maybe more layered performance going forward and more dramatic productions, but in terms of the two of them. It seems like this was the point in time where it was kind of a make or break for them as leading men in big budget sort of blockbuster type stuff they may not have hung on his lead men, but I certainly still gain cost big films. So doesn't it doesn't doesn't a disservice they might not boosted that's on, but then again, this film didn't exactly do well anyway. So who saw it while exactly and I mean I think you know they did everything they could none of the fault of this movie underperforming has anything to do with them. I just think it was the audience really didn't know what the man from uncle even meant, and so never confusing title I think I idea I saw the trailer for an I didn't go to wall chip. Well. It's especially confusing movies an origin story where that he isn't the man from uncle he's the man from the CIA. Yeah. It's. And then it's not until the end where it becomes the group from uncle because there's three of them by the end went away kanter's well. So it's not like it's the man from uncle at the end it's like, no, it's a trio now the people promotional or you can just say the trio from uncle I guess. Yeah. Now we've we've spent about know Hoffa now talking about the two male leads. Onto the the female coast ause Stein with at least can't. What did you think? I mean she kind of has a little bit of a thankless role. We've seen a million times, which is the you know in this case, she's the the contact they want to use because her father is an inventor who had worked for the Nazis at a certain point and hit invented a method of making a bomb that would simplify the use of a radium in the bomb. So you could make nuclear bombs much easier. He's disappeared so they need her to get to him and I mean it's one of those. Roles we've seen a thousand times but I think a leash UVA candor does some really funds stuff with this character because the character is not just going along for the ride she's not a whole of the right of her own and I love you know she is a flirtation with armie Hammer. She has to go under cover as his fiancee, its moments with him that are so bizarre where they're doing awkward dancing and Armie Hammer awkward dancing always a good thing. Have you seen me by your name but lake she's like Him in wrestling him and she's just like a real firecracker through the movie. She's really fun if there is about the show is obviously when she's being rescued by Henry Campbell's character and then you could easily cooling into to the trope of Oh I'm being saved. Oh me and just being carried.

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