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We are about underway here from newsradio eight forty whm studios were back in louisville kentucky you have presented you by ups jobs calm they're on the road down in tampa about to face off the tampa bay rowdies coming up here in just a few moments but before we head to the start of this ball game i'm gonna head over to our my partner kevin kernan who has our starting lineups absolutely starting with the visiting louisville city f c of course reprising is a position in goal greg ranjit singh moving to defense pokka craig returns the starting lineup of course he was dealing with that yellowcard suspension last time out so he is back in the lineup of course sean toast and pat mcmahon are there as well midfield pairing the holding midfielders that we've seen in every single match apart from the opener against nashville together speedy williams in our captain and now our player manager peladeau piccolo rounding out that midfield of course we have the wingback says well an oscar and kyle smith no surprises there and moving forward on the what i suspect will be sort of the left wing magnus rasmussen is back as well of course he scored that late late equaliser against new york red bulls to salvage a point in coach james o'connor's last match at the helm of louisville city now mccabe is on the right wing as well starting up top of course he had two goals he had a firsthalf brace in our last match against new york before he ended a couple of goals back came in lancaster now lang that rounds out the lineup excuse me for the visiting louisville city of c moving to the home team they employees well you can kind of cut it a couple of different ways but i think four three is really the best way to describe this this lineup here for the tampa bay rowdies starting in goal we've talked about him before a care fitzgerald megan's eight start on the trot and so certainly correlation there between this niel collins hiring appointment as the coach fitzgerald moving in their replacing cohee myself of course of course lead in that own in the last match so you will certainly look to put that behind him and then moving into the defensive lineup number twenty seven hundred gorski is played every single match so far i'm so that stat is not going to change his he reprises his role as that right back tonight moving to the midfield the thirty five year old englishman to mika am worry he brings eleven years in the english football league of experience to the table he is going to be joined by the brazilian native yvonne maga's in another centreback role in moving to the left back evansville indiana native max lack of wacky is going to round out the defensive line and moving to the holding midfielders dom making his third start for the ghanaian native and then joining him in that central midfield position in his ten started this season bringing a wealth of mls experience in the forms of the portland timbers in the vancouver whitecaps is michael nansha off moving to some more attacking positions on the right wing will be number seven junior fleming's twenty two year old jamaican native formerly of the new york red bulls as well has two goals on the season moving to descend attacking midfielder martin vanguard guard is going to take up that attacking midfielder position in his fourth appearance he played for nor shallan in denmark and that is also the former club of mangoes rasmussen special gwen zaid is going to be playing on the left wing number fourteen leon taylor he's got two goals in two games seventy seven minutes for number fourteen is all it took for him to score twice in the league so far and he's gonna round out the lineup here for the home team thank you kevin and we are now underway here from tampa bay little city f c on the road versus the tampa bay rowdies here with you on newsradio eight forty w h a s the first game on the sidelines for luke spencer who has taken.

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