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What's your choice i'm going to say i'm going to your m no no no i'm not designate i actually there's water little bits group look very very good but i do it's an autonomous under an accord eight o'clock glen day yeah i think west the license fee noon i'm were trip cost the license fee just as well let for your show i love the fact that i've got tv share the and in brackets excluding graham's chat shows is of course very i obviously i i must i think it's golden age of of tally at the moment but i'm big into all those amazon flick spock sets and so little one on finish was recently was the sinner and his jessica beal aimed at episode 1 tat violent everyone at but really really good i'm leaving it no no not family viewing denies had and again if they're yes so but if you haven't seen is eight it's it is where the eight t h episodes it's probably it should be six episodes really there's about two of the middle revolving where is this going but when you'd have been dramatically then it gets there and it's fantastic will i don't understand why on something like networks roms on why not just make it the land because on on on terrestrial tv you understand whether it the ikeda week after we add popular but alozie aims you just watch it once hitting into them any of the that he and joan thing what did you watch all of the citizens guarantee yes yes yes that was very good very major italy short but clunky clunky script it was a bit like who is one of those things where episode does some episodes were brilliant the blount but episode uncle was excellent but you're right some of the script was sowing dispute.

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Graham, Jessica Beal, Blount discussed on Graham Norton

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