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As we continue peter sweitzer author of the new york times bestseller clinton cash he was the one that originally broke does uranium one scandal that was in his book we have congressman dana rohrabacher and he's from california met with julian assange that the ecuadorian embassy in london and obtained a lot of this information that julian assange asia's willing to prove it was not russia in terms of the dnc hack emails at cetera but nobody that's investigating trump russia even wants to talk to the guy it's ridiculous to me it's abs it's actually obscene you know what it is it's a dereliction of duty and a shows no desire to get factual information in the truth peter let me ask you about this other big story were following today and that is that clinton paid for all this kremlin dirt this phony dossier on trump and it's even worse than that because the fbi director wanted tough higher christopher steal the former mi six agent who pay russians four the phony information this is the one about you know hookers urine urinating under bed at the ritz with donald trump and democrats repeating it the media repeating it and it was false and hillary denied or campaign tonight over and over again that they paid for it now they're caught your eye shot i mean this is a this is a cold war the russian had a term for which will reduce inflammation i'm that was you spread information that was false and sort of rapid around the mantle or being accurate news information and that's precisely what this dossier uh i did it it was fake news stories uh uh based on what a dog trump allegedly did that with cycle proven new system which totalling about it is you had team clinton in he'll miss this information uh says and then you had people on capitol hill that sort of breathlessly got access to this thing were given access to it and then you know walked around as if this was an accurate representation not knowing who would pay for it not knowing really howard have been produced healing it was an example of complete rush to judgment really who actually initiated this uh i really doubt whether or not i'm sorry but i really doubt that.

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