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Sco seat, the survivor devil. Ron Clark came in. And it got this thing straightened out. The first words in the movie are literally the words of Ron Clark. Yeah. So, but we're spending only a brief second here compared to like the edge of extinction. As compared to the rest of the episode so wrong Clark. They sorta yada out through the fact that he fixed Aurora elementary school. So he goes in for challenge. He literally spends thirty seconds is. I mean Aurora is not a common lame. I don't know. I really am. Not sure that it's just I think it's serendipity say Ron dip eighty to play on the same six. He's such a big tenure of his life in Aurora, North Carolina. And if that's the case, I feel like he was the one to try to bring her over to his side. You know, he tried to talk her down after the job. Oh, maybe that's why he had sort of personal reverberations with her. So we're really is wild. So Ron Clark decides must like he did last episode to move away from Aurora to go up to the big city to really teach these underprivileged kids and their several question marks about this movie that now I can sort of fill in the blanks. There was some questions as to why is there a scene or one Clark drinks a bunch of milk? Yes. Well wonder in order to connect with the kids run Clark, essentially decides to humiliate himself I guess much like I use the same method to introduce myself to my child accidentally. So he decides to metaphorically dropped his pants by saying. All right. I'm going to teach you grammar, and you have to stay silent and astute every fifteen seconds. If you do that. I'm going to drink a carton of chocolate milk. He was intially creating his own challenge within the classroom hoof. Yes. Yeah. It basically went away of primetime ninety nine Alex Stein. By by the end of it. There was also a question as to why does Ron Clark dress-up is Robin Hood at one point when he is short on cash. He didn't have that two million dollars for putting up with the roller on North Carolina. Neither the person Aurora run clerks in unnamed themed restaurant as dressed up as Robin Hood. Here's the interesting wrinkle in the story again based on a true events run clerk foles for a lovely young woman named I think Brandon who no not Lloyd. But it's the person who's dressed up like Cleopatra. So yeah. Certain liberties liberties with the low at the Ron Clark story like lady liberty, Dr Mike with point no and labor. Liberty was she was out that shift to the person who dressed up like her? Had to clock out for the weekend. She had a thing to do. Okay. All right. So if you recommend the Ron Clark story, absolutely not oh. It's it's a fine movie. And you know, what it's inspirational enough if you do wanna see Matthew Perry doing they actually do the Ron Clark presidents rap ended is even weirder. Having Chandler Bing. Do it. It's like a copy of a copy of watching this sort of by-pass through and they end the movie by all doing a mighty duck group hug while chanting the president's wrap, which I guess is there. Rousing theme would say, it's typical you know, stained in deliver fair has some weird Matthew Perry performances in there and the small details like Aurora North Carolina..

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