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Retracted their condemnation the email I received a nine forty eight last night Republican Party of New Mexico issued this statement from executive director a niece a tenant I have to assume a relative of some sort of Thompson and former big week in the state Republican Party so the executive director said quote this Republican party last night at nine forty eight while the Republican Party supports peaceful protests and encourages people to exercise their freedoms this kind of violence cannot be tolerated this senseless shooting must be condemned and we must add on here we must out and here too long in order in our communities statement from the Republican Party New Mexico nine forty last night condemning violence saying we must adhere to law and order we support peaceful protests well I don't know what happened almost exactly an hour later they issued another email pending the investigation the Republican Party New Mexico retracts his earlier statement regarding tonight shooting during a protest in in old town I don't know if that means that they now support senseless shooting they no longer support peaceful protest they are not for law and order they better be careful because president Pinocchio the very frail president Pinocchio is all about one order these days he is channeling he says channeling Richard Nixon anyway Republican Party Mexico what for peaceful protest against the violence for law and order in till an hour later when they said no actually we're not for any of that I don't know what happened executive director issued the statement and then they retracted it didn't say who or.

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