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So I've coming up onto my thirtieth anniversary of being arrested. And I wrestling w wrestler week have been around the world and I pretty much know almost everybody. The one guy did not know is that he kingston and it's funny. You probably going to laugh at me this one cody was first time. But who's bringing next week he said he kingston the first thing that popped in my mind was Eddie Edwards Michael. That's where Tuesday, Kingston. Better than any. You heard me because you're a Boston fan and Boston's horrible. But what I heard is a guy who's been doing this for a long time and he's a great talker, and then of course saw your match love the Promo Love, the match, and here you are rewarded slash given what you deserve a contractor w a little crazy. So I mean the best way that whenever this happens, I like to just find out like dude where you been all my life i. We've we've had a great report and you're you you're one of those guys right away. It's A. Cool Dude, the bus balls man I like to be a knock around guy that's the way I was raised in new. York to be a knock around guy was. Grew up in a union family. So you have to be able to talk to people in Shuck and Jive, as they would say, especially in this job. Yeah. Yeah. But but you know what I notice is that it's funny because. It's a kind of a new generation of guys do that as much? No, they rather no offense video games. But they rather do that and get it I get. It's a different generation but. How you'RE GONNA get to know somebody right you're going to get to know if you can trust that person in the ring. And even just talking to them at first everyone at I met jungle boy if you start and buses balls, you kind of feels almost like you hurt his feelings or something, and then you could use it in the meanwhile guys like you or me or luther or cody guys that have been around that's. I think the first thing we ever met, we're bust each other. We pause will leave. So that tells me that the obviously you have been around for a long time but even that attitude shows me that you've been in the game for a long time. Yeah. Because like I learned like I said from my family but also. My first year wrestling I was traveling from. To Indiana. You know once a month, the Russell true shows for Ian Rotten. midsouth and Tracy smothers was the right and he taught me so much and Tracy was the guy like be a self bus balls have fun. Yeah. Mean and Tracy did a lot from my career WANNA put him over as much as I can let me let be back on your tracy was also very instrumental but very early my career I was in smoky mountain with Tracy and as much as politics and this trace it was always kind of apolitical. L. Gave me some great matches great lines to this day or it was like you know we'll start slowing taper off from there. When I Russell moved same thing. Yeah. A super cool guy that you know he'd been around. So when you get in that position as a young guy, he's somebody that you feel comfortable and like I can actually talk to this guy and like he carried me and my old tag partner and matches and one thing I, didn't do to him because I was told not to calm an old man. Yeah. But we're in the middle of the ring and he's calling stuff to me and he goes call me an old man I went absolutely not I won't do it spin on me. Calming. Oh. Man I said I'll spit on you. I'm not calling you an old man. Because then I did do it and he gave me that what does it backhand thing? My ear was like boom. I, said Oh. That's why he wanted to do got I saw him like Headbutt a wall once because he was so angry at something punch one of those big steel bars in the middle of the room and I should have done that this. Demand I. Wish they would do a show on him. He will. Right right. Well, let's let before we go back to the tracy days for example, tell us more. But how you came into aws, how did you get the call to do that match the first? Okay. Well, the pandemic it I was in the UK doing a tour so I got when I got home. All. My UK money was gone because I had to pay bills. I. House in Florida all this stuff and I just finally got a indy show and I was going to the show and I was mad I was mad that I had to sell my dear. Gear pay my mortgage. Wow. Yeah and I had to sell my boots and all old eight by fans. I never do that I had shirts made I never do that selling. So just as the Independent Guy I've talked to a few of the boys. That's something that must have really Kinda. Scared you in the pandemic happened and you see all these bookings rapper because you are very popular on the indie scene I don't like putting myself. Business I was busy. Very busy and when that hit I was like, wow, this is how it ends. This how my career ends because of the pandemic. And I was like man, I'd. Only. Reason why I'm still wrestling is for my nephew because I want my nephew to one day, go to school and be like my uncles are pro wrestler some little Ada kid goes no, he's not those out his phone in there. I am that's what I want. And I was like, wow, this is how it ends whole. Wow and I had a chance to cut a promo at indy show and I just went off. And I called Zack Sabre Junior because I was supposed to wrestle him in England and I always want to get in the ring with him. Great Yeah Love Love the Guy I still want to beat his ass but. Then I called out Nicole this because at the time I was working for Nwea and to me I think a Lotta guys don't say this enough. The reason why we're in this business is to be a champion right reading get in this business to be the open it should be. Yeah, I WANNA be a tough guy. To mock fence to you. That's what I'm working towards. Right? You know what I mean like if I'm not working towards that, then what's the point being? That's beginning right so I called out the NWEA world champion Boban then I was like you know what? For Shits and giggles me callout cody because he's just doing this. Open challenge thing. House again. Okay and that is went off and. Just started going you know you talk about open challenge you're not facing men you're facing signed talent that aren't going to hurt you. You know what? I mean and then you know I'll friends with the bucks and Kenny's. Let me talk a little dig and just just just for fun. You know what? I mean nothing serious. And our like oh by the way, the guys that you run the company with like me better than you. Just to joke around you what I mean and people believed it and out of nowhere, people were tweeting it and then Hash tagging face Eddie or whatever it was and I was like what is. What is I'm not very good at twitter I was just like what is this? And then I, got a phone call from cutesy Marchionni goes you WanNa Russell cody I said, yeah. Why not? That was I took it as another booking 'cause I didn't see it as. Go in there and they're going to be wowed by me and sign me whatever else like look I'll. Do My best do my job and go home a little TV time at the. Next thing. You know when the indy start back up that's what I was. Jacking up my. And Got To. Give cody credit man he was so giving. You know what I mean if he didn't have to do what he did in that match with me, he could've went in there and been like you know what you like to talk Shit Kid we're going three minutes unbeaten you. Okay because that would have been my job. I'm not GONNA fight it..

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