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A use forever and i would say forever because i know i still on the grand pericic today i remember with my grandfather go under the lumber ed this was the grandfather the died when i was very very young i remember go into the lumber yarden buy into play force that i for that's where he was eddie so i it at least goes to me being an infant that we call these that we use the lumber and we simply use these various sizes that are thrown around out there the lawsuit alleges that menards in home depot having j in a longstanding massive consumer fraud because the fourbyfours usually aren't fourbyfour they're actually close at a three and a half by three and a half in other words are home depot and menards engaging at a longstanding rip off of customers by cutting the lumber at a small intervention that their marketing it as the two companies are denied the claim saying that terms like 2by4 and fourbyfour were never meant to be precise sizing but were an approximation of the size pulses everybody in the industry knows that i've just come yourself doubted they're trying to spout off your opinion what i'm trying to explain this paul says a 2by4 is that two inches quote everybody knows that and that's what home depot and menards they're going to say in their defense in this case that qu quote everybody knows.

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