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Smelly from him anything as we won't the red carpet with sort of fouling security around both of us i'm kind of i'm talking to my signing autographs ashby screaming shouting well not as whereabouts walk into cinema this policy squire and as report about can i for the life i don't remember what particularly i based in civic questions alliston but he stopped he turned and eat stop what he was doing and onto at length while in the doorway holding up the entire kua people trying to go in congress taking pictures i've never felt self conscious in my entire life on this amazing yeah it was not arnold i'll just go run and put some bikes and save for i'll just you say yeah it was fun that's incredible was last when you went to hell in the orange express i think murder murder murder royal over whole but it was a you know all all of the cast were there and it was very sort of star infancy which is to say that i completely avoided the red carpet in that case went in the back door and just went straight to my seat in wash all on the screen which you know i could have done but that's one of the most exciting things that was the extent i went to two black full sawakin premium tickies this once in a lifetime experience it can be the greatest of all time and i i won because all of our happened outside an did see footage on the screens no one came in we didn't see anyone i could have been home i mean it was a massive anti climax.

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