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At works. Who i give this to you. That's right and it just gives us michael thinking about ego right. i mean what. I'm determined myself from my own. Psychiatry practice in my own life experience. I know a very simple formula that you will agree with entirely once you hear it is. This is ego. Ego equals pain. It's like whenever your ego and solve this always a painful situation. So what i say is that i'm out of that now. Which sounds that. Self like an egotistical statement right but it would be if i had burned the incense and gone up laid on the bed and nails but the way it happened with me was not that way but it was like damn near killed myself with you know my particular one was. Ego was was Jealousy right well when you're over with that one it's like figured out one. Ego trip is enough. I mean it seems so real inside of it but once you're out of it is and so so You know so. And yes with all of that. I get into this recurrent thing. I just think about this from them. This sometimes i think of something when i want and then the thought occurs zone. No you know. I don't want to empower those on god. Thank about it like if like a polite gesture. Oh god must be busy. And that's just insane. That i would that i raymond moody. Have this feeling that. I might impose on god so bad egomania if anything is i mean. I don't know how to say this in the context of this conversation without it sounding like ego but we didn't go there today but if we are part of the one that's that is everything then god is us and we are got it doesn't mean we are the entirety of god. So who are we not to ask for that thing. Well that's right ego. is i guess. The greek term for it would be the pros. Upon i guess the the character you're portraying and And knew this very wonderful performer. In new york who was an internationally famous and she She contacted me in nineteen seventy six. I didn't know who she was my limit. I'm very limited in knowing. But it. So i met her not knowing of her fame which was wonderful but she was telling me about her near death experience and she said you know raymond. I was very famous on the stage for this one role. And she said she played that for a long period of time and she said there was this one night when the that was her last performance of that role after years and she walked off the stage flash forward few years later she had a near death experience and she said the closest way i can described as the is kinda. It was like that nine out walked off the stage leaving that role by that was kind of what was like. And i've heard that same thought from other actors and actresses who said that same thing. It's like that it's kind of like you're no longer playing this person tomatoes. We are gods toys or pledging and he said the way you do life. Is you play.

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