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A good time. Well we'd we'd love to see you in attendance at one of our fantastic webinars just go. What a dentist advisors dot com sign up today for the next one? Thank you very much. Let's go into some thoughts and ideas asked you to think through on some of the biggest issues that you've learned in your time as a practice owner you also Just kind of throw the sitting there and you did start a very One one of the more influential facebook groups orthodontist called Ortho Pearls. You guys have an annual event the event. It's the mother of Pearls Conference Prince this year it was in Scottsdale next. What's in California in Southern California Newport? Yeah this year was in Newport. I should know because we were there. It shows how much I've traveled. Warm weather warm not resort me and Ryan have injected with that lately like I was in an airport the other day and I was on a plane right and I didn't know what I was that much like where are you I'm like I literally don't know right now I think I'm in Arizona. I yeah sure anyways so next year that conference is GonNa be in Minneapolis. You've had to do a lot to get that going and build the practice and you've continued. Have you dropped all your associate days like remind me if you're done on all your associates. Now yes so I still go out to L.. Kill so okay okay. You're still grinding away. See that's why like I was hoping you hadn't yet but I love it there. Yeah I honestly like I love the relationships there and I'm now treating you know parents of the kids. Their kids are on treatment you. I've been in there six and a half years so I really enjoyed doing that. Ah enjoyed going sometimes. It's probably like do you like the drive every once in a while. I love the draft. That is self driving car get stuff done. Yeah hop pop a podcast Eh. Pop An audible books. Do some work email I can do. Some Ortho proves the up on the quite as time your life. It's not that I the drive. Yeah well if we look back at all this experience I wanna hit on a few things you feel like your biggest takeaways. What are the things that have helped you kind of carve out success in your career right now? Your practices doing really well. You guys are expanding. You've since the time that you joined. I mean the practices obviously a lot larger now continues to grow. But you've done Ortho pearls and that's become I think there's I don't know how many members of that group hundred almost six thousand now that's for The country only has just north of ten thousand Orthodox. So it's not like there's you you got half the market like listening to your content. I just want to kind of have you share some of your thoughts. I think will apply both. GP's specialists across the board well. First of all I think just having a passion for what you do is so important. I absolutely love orthodontics. I think about Orthodoxy reminds me of time when I was in residency and one of my business partners in Ortho pearls is Chris Peters and I went to residency together and and a couple of times a year. You go to a meeting where the go as a whole group. And it's usually a continuing education type meeting and that's kind of like your vacation vacation in residency. 'cause you're poor you don't have exactly you're when you're especially as a non resident of the state from Utah in Minnesota when you have vacation occasion time you go back home family. Vacations are few and far between and we would go to these conferences. And we'd be out you know having dinner. Whatever as a group and my friend Chris Peterson I would be talking about orthodontics at dinner on quote the case? Yeah Yeah my Buddy Sean who is still really good friend. But he's dude guys like we're out of the clinic right now. You WanNa do something besides talk about. Why are you guys talking about this and we just love it like it's just awesome? It's fascinating so number one. I'm kind of a nerd and you know I like I like what I do and so I think that's huge in having the energy to propel you do things in your field. Maybe extracurricular type things like or so. What do you think stopped some people from because I think it's easy to say you got to love what you do and you got braces thing but like you're naturally that that way? I think a lot of people that know me really well would say did your I last week. I paused on the side of the road. pullover over to record a facebook live video to answer a question on our facebook group about average how to calculate average fee waivers offers on the expense ratios on mutual funds. 'cause they're like you feel that really like that's smile. It's interesting and I was like this is cool. Yeah but like what if somebody is listening. They're like I'm Kinda just like I'm in the middle here like I don't. I've got some thoughts on this but I want you to respond to that like what if I'm not naturally interested. I'm Kinda just here functionally cal can I increase my. Can I move towards words because obviously it's better to to enjoy what you're doing really embracing your patients are GonNa Notice. Your career is going to be better. How do I move the needle a little bit? If I've not loving it. Okay Yeah I think probably number one is to develop some really good relationships in your industry. Okay I think having people that you look forward to seeing when you go to meetings is huge that that kind of gets you to. The meeting was having relationships having something to look forward to and kind kind of having a buddy to sort of follow up with after the meeting you can be like hey like I thought this is really cool. Like I'm implementing this you know. What are you doing so fide relationship basis eh kind of help you get outside of your own little sphere which can be Kinda lonely and not not get a lot of feedback in socialize is but more get inspired? You're saying right so I think that's one thing another thing I think is trying to find purpose in what you do. That's not clinical looking past this like I put braces on right right people right so having a sense of purpose. I can't remember. I saw some some podcasts or something in the last several years ago that talked about what keeps a team or employees motivated and of course pay is one of those things but another one is having a sense of purpose. Yeah so I think you know beyond clinical looking at what we do like having interactions with patients having interactions with their team members. How can we put more purpose into those interactions? Yeah you know how can we. Can we drive that. And so as North Carolina's I try and connect with my patients in a meaningful way I mean I view this as like you know what here's A. Here's he's an opportunity rather than his diving right into the clinical and sometimes we're kind of running behind and my assistant who's trying to be efficient will sort of you know talk over me at the beginning of the point where I'm saying. Hey Man Jack how you doing today man. How's IT GOIN'? Yeah and so on and start talking about what wires all know. How are you doing man? How school school-going let's connect you just to even if it's just you know pretty basic stuff? We're like you actually care about it. Yeah we're it's actually energizing to you. Yeah Yeah right where you're you're trying to connect in that way where you're sharing positive energy trying to find some purpose in what you do. It's great you know other than just like okay this is drudgery the business and doing this 'em od. Prep for her totally. I gotta fix this broken bracket. I think it's important wanted to keep that in mind. Sometimes you are the most positive like you might be the most positive interaction. Someone has had all day that the whole day and maybe could be one of the most positive interactions people have had like think about the monotony of some of the work work that dentists and orthodontist do patients know that that work is difficult right. They know that it's a grind right. You're ben over. You're moving from person to person you're getting spit on your people generally don't Come with a positive attitude to the appointment because it's a scary intimidating Eddie place to be if you can turn that kind of interaction or that kind of context into a positive experience for them. That makes them go man even in all of this challenging kind of crazy stuff that these guys have to do. I'm still getting really positive. Energy back from them like almost more than anyone. I'm interacting with. How cool what that does send a very deep message? I think to people about how to carry yourself and and the power that you know positive energy. She does have on other people's lives because it's not it's difficult place to have positive energy. Oh Yeah it's not an easy job especially when you're moving as an orthodontist honest when you're moving a hundred miles an hour in between patients you really difficult so I think that's really good. You know one thing on that. It made me think one thing that I've really enjoyed trying to tap into is being vulnerable in those very mundane interactions because we have many of those per day. Yeah hey how how you doing. How a school? If that becomes routine you lose the sense of purpose but when you're vulnerable in that and like you actually like you actually care. Yeah you actually actually are trying to get to know someone better and it's not just for business and it's not just to be courteous. It's because you actually care like you mentioned you're trying to actually make that person feel seen. Yeah make that person feel important it Kinda changes like the way you approach that sort of changes and being vulnerable when your communication like last week is a couple of weeks ago was Thanksgiving and I talked with our team and said Hey. This is Thanksgiving Week. I would really liked to see if we can think every single patient this week for being a patient of ours and the family and I tried to do that myself off disconnecting and saying at the end of each appointment connecting with the with the patient or the parent to say what we really appreciate. Oh you guys we love that you guys chose us as your orthodontic providers. Thank you so much for being one of our patients like. We're we're really happy that you're here. That's cool yeah yeah just feeling that they they actually some of my felt like we're kind of a little bit surprising. Go them right. Yeah on on one other highlighted. I didn't know that might be more obvious to people going to show you this facebook post. I did a couple of days ago. You might have seen it but this is that dude. This is me and my this facebook. Poll is this is my over bite. I when I was in Dodi started. Notice them some crowding my teeth. My my bite was off and I started noticing how you know that was changing and I've never really been a person that's been super self conscious but I. I started noticing that my bite was like kind of it was causing. demeter like have little confidence. When I was speaking more I was starting to get to a situation where I was kind of? I mean I was in dentistry as is a financial advisor. Dennis are looking at me. It was really interesting. One of my closest friends you know. Brian horsely They'd be the huge honor of helping open. Straighten out my bite and Straighten out my teeth and it was just cool to see him and a good combination of people. Chris Nilsson really talented. Oral surgeon. Brian My brother-in-law who plays my implant. I know Brian and Christian. Yeah both amazing talented people. You know like the confidence level level that I came away with after that experience was really positive you know and it really affected my life in a in a way that few people really have. I mean you know because it's a it's a major part of your perceived vow it's a major affects how you yourself perception in a significant way and your confidence level level and and how you're able to execute your your entire job and everyone's job requires you know some level if you can think about it if if every person sudden in the US could actually have that opportunity if the cost of orthodontics like imagine the opportunity that everyone has to to really make orthodontic care more accessible to even more people. Through improving your practice efficiencies driving down your cost structure improving your capacity to.

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