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Bruce Bruce, Bruce Jester, Balsam Embassy Hotel discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard


Bathroom now. Why vet sexy supplements, because you want good, Bruce steaks to supplements because vets does no particular reason. I'm look that body there. I mean not. No, not five but anyway, Bruce goes back well known that I got very weak. Some Bruce goes back to Pat bathroom. He lays one he lays one out for for all ages. So. Briscoe. Don't you have to go the bathroom there? Waiting for me to go the bathroom. So I get up and I gotta go relieve myself go off, and there's ever wear. So I saw vomited and come out and they're all laughing made Bruce Bruce, Bruce would do anything that's asked him to do. And, and some of the things wouldn't ask him to do, Pat. You remember the time when he cleared a hotel and Boston, Massachusetts for two nights in a row. I think one night was in your room and he had up and the fire alarm went off. The next night he comes to my room. I think I'm getting the story right. Not. What's not truth under story at the delivery of store. Okay. And my sore almost on my way. Anyway, two nights in a row brand new hotel, the Balsam embassy hotel, Logan airport four hundred and fifty five dollars. And Bruce got Vincent credit card needs tipping everybody. So second died in a row Brusco come to my room and he said, I'm most show, we how Cogan doesn't so he goes in my bathroom. Why what? No, not another one of those. So he goes in the bathroom comes out this, hairspray, he said, Bruce barber beefcake hall Cogan miss trick, and based off was room. So we gets ako walks over. He gets up in its share holders. Should I put in? Aac to hair net out put over the fire extinguisher. Oh, pretty Britain, Brutus and hope told me how to do that. They do it whether you know, it's right. Where'd you go Patterson? I'm left alone. Again, so anyway, so Bruce lies up Bruce lie. You know, I'm I'm just watching as all I'm doing, I'm just watching Bruce lights up all of. Two nights in a row embassy, suite hotel everybody that weight rooms so we go down the lobby the night before everybody in hotel, evacuated damn room. So we go down lobby. And Bruce, r look Bruce looking around. We're the only two mother fuckers a lobby. True. Bruce. We're only two parts are. We're already took guys obvious. Here comes the security guard over. I guess you guys are in room, seven twenty eight or seven fourteen. I think it was. I have. The robos very aboard birds. So you have Bruce jester as that. I was in there have my room. Yes, he was at I get up and leave Mr Richard. But he he's a friend but he's a friend that, that will not let you in his hotel room, if afar. Alarms going off, and that happened to him again Seattle Washington, but it was in my room this time. So Bruce, six Audie runs down to the to the end of the hallways. Four rooms down. He's running. Fritz running. This was three hundred. Plus, this does he rode nineteen seventy four Bruce furniture. The birth. Mark was this big at that? So anyway, runs out all of a sudden I look out my hotel when did. And I see fire trucks, Seattle, seatac far department is coming to my door. All of a sudden, I see the elevator doors open. I'm looking out PICO I see firefighters carry an axe far hose. So I run out my door there around 'em my door. So.

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Bruce Bruce, Bruce Jester, Balsam Embassy Hotel discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

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