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Almost always how strong my medics yelled for their size you live about ten gals stephen who's doing this well i remember i and under hypnosis i gotta have been ties many times by uh by uh yvonne smith and a couple of people and and regressed and uh i remember gray's doing it um i guess we can totally rule out that the government's doing getting back i've been hearing that the government have the technology as well i know the been working on the run implants for a long time of stuff beyond out um but um for malaysian uh or promote i saw as a when i when dr later died the the government implants to be a lot bigger like they're like chips like regular computer chips for these alien and punch are much smaller and much this is with carbonnanotubebased trauma ktsm them davin mentioned yet but i think the carbon down are actually of the election thanks for the device and better than the metal and to and tell us a little bit more about carbon eno tubes um well carbonell accused were discovered um romanian ninety one and um there uh uh an altruistic former carbon that's a lot like uh like graphite is uh the most stable former carbon his got um layers of um of uh flat plains of carbon uh were the the carbon atoms are arranged like a chicken wire uh accidental pattern and there are some pie bonds uh pseudobombs in pipebombs uh bombing the uh the carbons together and it's quite stable and the sheep stick together by vendor walls forces quite strongly but if you took one of those sheets and um and kill that off from the stock and then the role that it into a tube that would be a carbonnanotubebased the are they small yeah well it can be very assizes that can be at it can be very small um the single all carbonnanotubebased or typically very small around uh one nanometer in diameter up about ten out on the cross and um they can be even smaller than that and they are small enough were um a force called the casimir effect comes into effect that the quantum forest that's that's cozma similar to gravity is caused by the differences in the density of the uh of the.

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