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And because you have to ask yourself you know the the types of questions and so for me found my soul purpose that you cancer led me away from the thing that i thought was my my purpose in towards thing that really was and i feel fulfilled and enriched and in when people leave my office my door and their uplifted and they feel better and relieved and and it you know it just it makes me feel alive and i found why i'm here and so Writing that book now My son who was fourteen at the time he saw a five star review on amazon. A book by a woman who had bought it for her mother who had breast cancer and she had she had seen How my book and made a difference in her life and she was very grateful and his review. My son saw and screen shot and text it to me and i replied to him that out. I thought that was pretty cool in that. You know if one person was better because they read my book and the whole cancer experience was worth it. Yeah yeah well. Esquire amazing thing to happen radi. Yeah mom pasta. Wave can't suggest optima brother died in a car crash. Coy in mom south to say free from the wearing as well and probably maybe not looking ourself swap out the mammogram and stuff like that checkouts Of course that's a while back centre long before you wrote. The book. Unite united the united states. Few s. Four years but. Yeah now i mean you know. People will appreciate that kind of being around even deter inspirational. I mean i haven't read the first one. I just quickly look to the other on amazon. That one now um and that's got some good reviews as well so called few But nice nice when you just see high style rather than someone really be writing. Whoever of there's plenty of people out there who will pan effort You know if you if you put your heart into it That then it doesn't. It doesn't matter what it is. These both of these books were my effort to put out in the universe. The things that i've learned as a student of life. Sse i'd do it less about self aggrandizement and more about. Hey it it you know if you wanna if if you want some insight that i've found a long way might stay save you from stubbing your toe or or did you in a new direction that you might not have thought of than how cool is that that we have the opportunity in this day and age that the the big monolithic publishing houses that used to be the gatekeeper You know and That that old system is falling away and they giving more and more opportunity to people to get their message out and allows. I'm grateful for that screen. What does things up to date so We could talk about the work..

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