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Near average today mid eighties downtown upper seventies along the coast for the. Valleys in the in the mid nineties near eighty in the mountains and deserts in the upper nineties not too much change on the way tomorrow into Wednesday we'll have highs right where they should be for, this time of year, then we'll turn up the, heat and the humidity for the second part of the. Work week was California's most? Accurate and dependable forecast I'm CBS to meteorologist Danielle Gersh can't extend seventy NewsRadio right Allen Pasadena. It is seventy eight degrees on -tario has seventy two and in Canoga park it is seventy three degrees eight eighteen. At KNX it happens every once in a while we reported on this before these cars taking over intersections it's happened in the San Fernando Valley it's even having in Beverly. Hills in this morning it happened in willowbrook. South Broadway and one hundred. Thirty first street sometimes three Cars just spinning around in the middle of this, intersection, as, they say. Maybe a, hundred people looked on drivers and spectators and cleared out so fast by the time the sheriff's deputies the scene and all they found they said we're tire marks from Bert rubber the accused going to take color will be charged today on what, investigators think might have been the first murder it is. Alive the former cop Joseph Di Angelo shot and killed Claude smelling during. A break in at his home central California in nineteen seventy five siblings daughter was seventeen at the time and she thinks her father. Saved her life as. Always. In my hero I would not, be here. Today I'm sure that if it hadn't been for him the county DA says. Police have no direct DNA. Evidence on Dangelo but. They're confident that they have enough evidence otherwise we're filing first degree murder charges against Mr. de. Along with an allegation that he used. A firearm in the commission of that murder from. The Dangelo accused of committing at least twelve other murders including those. In Ventura And Orange County's you Samity reopening the Mariposa grove the land of the giant sequoias and it reopens today with Yosemite valley set to open to visitors tomorrow after the Ferguson fire forced the park, to close in July Are. Very excited to get your seventy valley in Americas you grove reopen and have visitors. Back, this is the, height.

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