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Yeah. Like I kind of looked at it. I remember sitting there on draft day and miekel Hartmann was still on the board. As the cheese for pro ching their third round pick. And I was just saying, like I kinda was pessimistic for some reason that they were they were not gonna take just kind of had a feeling I wonder like if he's still on the border this point. There's some reason that they didn't take them like this should've taken him at sixty three. I wonder why the she's were super interested in Justin laid. Why do you guys think that I have I have a feeling maybe just tackling? I mean spags does he not trust him as tackler. I do think that he's got a little ways to go. Like I don't think that he's a year. One guy necessarily I think that he does have a high ceiling. But you're you're relying on him to pick up the playbook and be able to develop as a cornerback quickly if you want him to contribute this year. I'm not sure just lane. Moves the needle, too terribly much in twenty nineteen. Now again, just like Matty, said about Corey Ballantyne, you've got high ceiling twenty twenty twenty twenty one and beyond. I like that move from that standpoint. But I, I don't know. And I think I even said this before the draft, I don't know that Justin lane is a day, one St.. Starter. But there weren't a whole lot of day one starters in this cornerback class. So you would be you would be right to go after a high ceiling guy in that situation. And see for me. I agree these day one starter. But I think he's a guy that's not a developmental project like Corey Balentine I think you would expect if you took Justin lane that he's started reps at some point in time in his rookie year. He just has to fix vicious. He's not doesn't need a complete rework. He just needs to pretty much make everything. He does techniques standpoint a little bit better. It's not terrible. Some of it is. But not all of it. So I mean he needs ramps to I mean. For the chiefs. I think the issue may be a little bit of sloppiness with his footwork, and his ability to not always break aggressively on stuff. He's sometimes breaking little to lay a will passively on passes that are cutting off in front of him. So I can see how the chiefs wouldn't have him. His highly graded is I do David, if you weren't looking at the Pierre upside key could do in every system, but purely for their system that being said, third-round complete deal for him in my opinion, he's going to be a good pro n even if it doesn't start in week one by the midpoint of the season. I think he's a guy to earn reps for whatever team. He ended up on his length and ball skills played like. And that's part of it too, like he may not. He's definitely not going to be refined year one, but his link made up for it at times, very up and down. Sure. And, and, you know, if they value some level of consistency. That's fine. But I don't think anybody anticipated various word really making any kind of, you know. Contribution in year, one either. So it's like for sure. Okay. You know Justin laid. Yeah. In the third round. I think that's incredible value. Whether or not he makes a big impact in your one, the value. There is just excellent for my from from, from my look at it. Okay. Let's look at it this way. Then Colin Saunders your one versus Justin lane. You're one who has the bigger impact in that both of us for this team specifically, I think Justin lane does throughout the whole year because there's a chance for him to have more plankton scum week one. I think Saunders probably could see more impactful, snatch based on where he is. But it's the same thing I think, on Saunders needs a little bit of work for the NFL to. I don't think he.

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