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Like, the seventh or eighth best odds or whatever opened at thirty five. But one they're there at ten to one now. And I thought I don't know that seems pretty attractive to me like I feel like Virginia by the end of the year. They're going to be they're going to be a one-seat probably like the smart money says Virginia's probably going to be a once this year. Whether they win the ACC, you're not maybe do pizza. Maybe I don't I don't know. But they're probably going to be a one-seat at the very worst probably going to be a two seat. So Virginia very much has the feel of Villanova pre national title Villanova. Right. That's not to say Virginia's going to national titles. I'm not making any sort of guarantee whatsoever. I'm just reminding people that all the feelings you have about Virginia writing this moment. The feelings of I'm not buying into this team again, not after they choke that badly in the tournament last year. Not after I've we've been down this road before it cetera et cetera. You're all saying the exact same things about Villanova before Villanova won two titles in three years. That's all in Virginia has a point guard now tied Jerome can just be a score for them. They play great defense. They talk on defense Jackson has the sized that you talked about we that you. You really need to have now. And I mean, they won eight of the last night against Maryland. But one more Noto, Maryland, they're really I think there a contender in the big ten we've been talking about who's gonna win the Maryland in the big ten. Yes. No shit when that happens. It's like five years ago the worst. Well, come back, Maryland, let's trade you who can we all seriousness? Maryland does not blowing the big ten. Yeah. Who do you? Trust me nuts that they're in Miami. Don't want to be in the big ten the big ten doesn't want him. Not that. We don't like Maryland. It's just it doesn't feel right? They know it doesn't it doesn't feel right for anybody would have commissioners star trading teams that I like he's so offered and Delaney could get a deal done everyone. Yeah. Do we need the the big ten needs. Louisville. Trade us Maryland for Louisville. Who says no, yeah, you can have Louisville gives us Louisville Maryland. And then we want we want. We want Notre Dame to and get rid of. And I want to protected twenty twenty one. And then we're going to know what that means in college basketball. But I know it's something value and then two games into the season. We're going to declare who won the trade. And twelve hours. I lost history. Who on the oh, I thought Under Armour's bringing in money for speaking of Louisville. Let's talk about this game. And then we'll we'll talk the big cat. If by the way, which we should've mentioned this at the time. I think we did that we're going to talk to big cat about Duke, and Wisconsin and some of those other games if you're wondering why we haven't talked about those yet. We're we're we're we're we're saving that for him. But one more game. I want to talk about before we get to that the Louisville game the game. The you said you had no interest in just because it was it was a joke. Joe's classic refreshing, Louisville, Louisville wins and overtime. Chris Mack gets his program. When as we love program wins on this program. We're not exactly sure what program wins mean. But that was a program when for sure Chris Mack goes into the locker room, they're all jumping up and down. He still doesn't know the names of all of his players yet. It doesn't matter. He's like a love you guys. Ryan McMahon comes off the bench scores twenty four points and twenty minutes. He's the guy that dick Vitale recruited to Louisville. Yes. People forget too. That's true story. Yes. To tout helping out hitting called Rupatini was like. This kid and now he's dropping twenty four Michigan state. Speaking of coach Pitino tweets out. Awesome win last night for the cards pepper. Great preparation by Chris. And I'm so proud of Ryan McMahon. I like it coach for Tino also put out there that Virginia is number one team in the nation. Still loves Virginia. Always has a wish we could be like Virginia is Rick potato the first guy in the history of toward to tweet through it and succeed, his linen witty..

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