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Guy tried to blowing marvin later himself out i liked tight end university so that's what's going on there one more note on last night's game they go to the sideline pregame and there is the affirmation 'pacman jones and i've been talking about this for years 'pacman jones on the sidelines and i asked you not they had a graphic right where it said 'pacman jones coming off his one game suspension i had no idea he was suspended for the first game of the season which the ravens kick the crap out of cincinnati in cincinnati i had no idea did suspended and he could have been suspended for anything i mean beaten somebody up stabbing somebody is 'pacman not the most likely guy in the nfl the pull of billy blanks from the last boy scout and just have a have a nina have a gatt and his in his football trousers and pull out your he is i've been with all due respect to james harrison pack me and jones the most dangerous man the nfl i dare you i dare you to defy me on that one so they're standing there with that hilarious graphic on the bottom one day coming off a little bit in game suspension and the cameras your chest they're focused in on his mug and it's dreads in all that and what is packed do he pulls out one of those ammonium packets and takes a hearty whiff it was incredible the theory that was more entertaining than the game with the exception of a dish on watson so all right that's a little nfl hit for you on the other side i do we definitely got into gotta get into cobi we definitely got into that sports illustrated they've completed their top one hundred players of the year right in the nba and the top ten includes cut three warriors so we'll do that indians abroad and there's a lot to get to the bottom of the hour a.

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