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Forty seven points. I'm Barbara Kusak. Zack. Teno to object. Whittle federal employees, usually get back pay after shutdowns, but there's no guarantee and local senators are working to change that Senator Chris van Holland's urging the Senate to pass a Bill that would ensure federal employees get paid retroactively after every government shutdown guarantee really creates unfair uncertainty on top of the unfairness of people. I'm not getting a paycheck at all in being squeezed during this period of time, including employees at NASA Goddard in greenbelt. And now Florez is the president of a union representing them. He says during the last shutdown some employees didn't have enough money to buy groceries. If you can believe that it is true Curtis. Sound WMA? Allen WMA L dot com about Gumri county public school bus driver who's charged with sexually assaulting twelve year old girl will use an insanity defense or based upon my investigation and my interactions with him. I've come to the conclusion that we need an. Valuation to determine his mental capacity at the time of these incidents. Jim Shallak lawyer for Kabongo also says he expects to file papers with the courts regarding the insanity defense on Monday and additional investigation into Kabongo uncovered alleged assaults against three other students, some of whom had special needs at newly elected Virginia congresswoman is displaying. The transgender pride flag outside her Washington office. Representative Jennifer Weston is a democrat from the tenth district in northern Virginia. Who was sworn in Thursday, the pink blue and white striped flag is displayed at the door to her office along with the US and Virginia flags in a statement waxed and says she's displaying the flag because she has family members and friends who are transgender waxed. In is a former prosecutor who defeated Republican congresswoman Barbara Comstock in November WMA L news time ten oh four now WMA AL, traffic and weather from the Hadeed.

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