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If they would've put this guy away. Trial started to happen. But, you know, for us little by little to like pose him. And started talking about life is criminal charges back in Arizona. So that's kind of a little bit more, like, like carrier with him. I mean these people I need him like most definitely finally looked like a normal guy. He there was only family, you know about. He was always around family. You were going around, you know, and honestly, like he was very good with kids. But what you see. But then you hear what he did was mom, and it kind of airy heartless person, I need to his own mother, like he had no heart. Is crazy. I mean, I father pictures of him crying, and really the and to knees I that's not normal, like there's something wrong with you. I think the most of the moment for me is not expected. But when he showed up with his brother looking for, like, I'll never forget that. I mean you know you. Oh, I mean, you never know. Like I mean this man is over here, crying listening, for his mom, like athletes for how then at the end of the day like you had like, in the back of his mind like, I'm the one that comply mom like over his mom that, but he's really here knocking people's doors asking for help that is. I think that that's phrasing. So.

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