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But the reality is the majority of these guys they've gotten they've drafted they've been smart about other teams could have had these guys dating get him so you can't blame the worse for just making all these great moves they got durant poll i'll give you that but utah helped him out a lot of teams helped him out and not drafting draymond not drafting clay not drafting steph they didn't have the you know they didn't have the number one overall pick didn't even have a top five pick in any of these circumstances here's the one thing i hate and they'll get a run i hear this a lot they wouldn't have won the houston series without durant they wouldn't they wouldn't do this without durant they couldn't do this without durant and always told people do you realize that they didn't have durant that still have steph you'll have clay draymond and that bench the you look at right now could a thirty million dollar upgrade yeah it's you can't just say they wouldn't win it without durant and then not put anybody into his spot well here here regards would probably be around and they would be able to gain some other guy not harassing somebody it would be maybe or two guys maybe even three guys so i just i hate when people say that while they couldn't have one they wouldn't have won durant's the reason it died look this is going to seem ridiculous because they're about to win two titles with kevin durant they could win without him they could i fully believe they could win titles without him and they would have a better bench at deeper bench or another player i think the core this team before durant was good enough to continue winning titles he certainly made their starting lineup better because he's one of the great players in the nba but i think that if they take durant up this team they're not the favorite they trust me they would be the favourite they'd find a way to to build their bench or at another player and they'd still be the favorite because they would have.

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