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President trump is double down on his attack of for democratic congressman of color in a tweet this morning he called on them to apologize to the US and Israel for what he claims all the horrible hateful things they have said this after the crowd at his rally in North Carolina last week chanted center back referring to Minnesota congresswoman Ilan Omar White House senior adviser Steven Miller says Mr trump should be allowed to criticize the congresswoman regardless of their race if you want to have a color blind society it means you can criticize immigration policy you can criticize people's use you can ask questions about where they're born and not have to be seen as racial meantime New Jersey senator and democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker says he believes the president is using race demagogue fear mongering person who's using race to divide in this is a referendum not on him it's actually a referendum on the heart and soul of our country Steven Miller speaking on fox news Sunday senator Booker speaking on CNN's state of the union there are some potentially worrying results for Joe Biden in a new CBS news poll on the democratic presidential race Biden still leads in that survey of democratic voters in key battleground states twenty five percent of those asked call him their first choice but Elizabeth Warren is moved up to a strong second place with twenty percent followed by Kamel Harris and Bernie Sanders in the mid teens and CBS news elections in surveys director Anthony self on does as the two women in that top four list get high marks from voters in some important areas they steal a camel Harris was strong and that's given her a boost and there's a bit of a gap there even when you ask who seems to be passionate and fighting for voters like you where Warren and Harris do better than Joe Biden and that's kind of underneath this race getting a little bit tighter I would describe it is very fluid within that top tier that poll conducted in partnership with the market research company you gotta love British officials of mouse summoned Iran's top diplomat in London for a stern talk in the wake of a Ron Caesar of British oil tanker in the strait of or moves a few days ago and Britain's foreign minister says that seizure has set a on a dangerous path CBS correspondent David Martin spoke with the Pentagon's top commander for the Middle East who says American civilian vessels in the region will now be under the protection of US warships.

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