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This this was in eight days. And that's when I was like Koby's undeniable. He is undeniably great right now. Hey that's like a movie is exactly ran. It's quite like ushering assuring him. Yeah come right to your spot. Hit this perfect shot and make sure you hit your mark. You'RE GONNA WANNA be right on that ex- We got the shot set up for you right here and he just drains. It was awesome. Yeah that could be. You could statue. I think for him standing on the there's the classic on the thing with arms out Scott it definitely the jaw lower jaw out. I think A game or a moment. Well it's game. Four from two thousand finals against the paces shack fails adcose to overtime and Kobe hit three baskets in overtime in the last one is like a put backwards so it comes from underneath the backboard and sort of tipped it over his head. And then you're seeing being run over to the Lakers benches the pace call a timeout. and Kobe's got the Zaragoza Dan I got this. I got this again. Is Like this guy's twenty one and he's and he's composed already and they went three one up in the series and that was their first championship and Again a bit like like brought trailer saying like all right. Kobe's legit. That was the Miami familiar whereas like okay. This guy is is living up to the hype is going to be pretty exciting to see just had good. He can be when he was. The news broke that he was retiring and stuff like that and we were getting the goodbye. Kobe year there half year. Whatever it was like we were doing like top ten lists on the show and stuff like that and I remember? We did like the top ten games like Kobe Games. Like how much fun. We'd had like debating where everything goes and like what does it make the list and stuff like that but you said like there's definitely the one that team for like you said of two thousand finals. You got the game. Whenever says the sons the one thousand tons more obviously the game where he hit twelve threes guy was the one that he was not an amazing knocked down three threes in a game and an random January two thousand three game against the Sonics? MSG Sixty one the sixty two versus the mavs in the three three quarters which was wild and then of course eighty-one rappers tons on and on and on and they're so awesome. Eighty one for me because I never saw another human do it in the NBA and then no one wilted in the sixties. Obviously to one hundred but You know the eighty-one was special. Because it was it was Kobe. You know Kobe at its best I it was also sort of his downfall. The fact that he shot every single time and part of the reason why some people didn't like them but You know when you look back jacket the Waco played. Some people just can't do what he did even if they're miss shots some people just can't shoot that much. It's a little bit of the Russell Westbrook scenario that we that we're watching today and eighty one man. No one's done it so crazy that happens they were down onto the. I mean it was definitely getting some points there at the end when it was under each round win that game but they were down eighteen like in the third and he caught fire the the massive second half in that one obviously eighty one. You're going to have some massive ads for anyone. You had a few moments against the raptors to it. Actually there was a game in Toronto. Remember is another one where he had a big one at forty six after he said. Listen I only come to Canada once a year WANNA put on a show and it felt like he did that. I like that that it did mean something to because that was like Jordan type thing where I know that the kids in the stand this is the end again. They're ever going to see. I want to remember it and I and so we had that chairmanship quality about him. You know he he liked to put it on and you know in the All Star Games as well particularly those early years he liked he liked to show off in those those. MVP for sure. Speaking of that. This I remember. I found this quote when we were doing the whole. Kobe was retired and stuff. And I think it's just so perfect Michael Michael Rosenberg of SL. He said the NBA is appealing for two fundamental reasons. The artistry of the game itself and the personalities of the stars nobody of this generation honoration epitomised both like Kobe. Bryant spot on on the Lakers through like on the biggest market the biggest thing you know. That's that's the other thing to ought to live up to. That sort of a market is very very tough but he did anything else guys. I mean this we again. We're coming in here late on Sunday night will let us one. Of course breathe here on Monday. We got the. We'll get back into the swing of things. Don't you worry with daily podcast and stuff like that. And we got some specials coming up to But anything else to add. I mean I'm glad we did this. I am actually. I'm oddly feeling better than when we first sat down here. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe just smiling and talking hoops so these guys and thinking about his his career Assad is at all is it. Does it brightens you up a little bit. Yeah I loved his final game as another the thing that it'll always stick with me the warriors were going for NBA history. They were going to win their seventy third game that game that same night and nobody cared. Everybody was watching Kobe. Take fifty shots even remember who he played. It was the jazz. Nobody cares about that either. He took fifty shots scored sixty points. You might think yeah fifty shots who cares sixty points. That's Kobe Bryant man. That was what a way to go out. What a perfect way for him to go out of the NBA taken as many shots as he wants it scoring sixty points and he joked about it saying you know people are telling me like like you shoot too much on tonight shoot? They started really hot too right like he was really efficient. I I if I did see the step right early in that game in that game. Yeah Yeah Yeah well. The jets had a late to in that one. Didn't I and yeah places going in the show. The three yeah. Everybody's obviously respecting the legend. And giving him you know another half foot of space as well just shots up a two for sure all right so Yeah we're GONNA call there. I mean look our deepest condolences or obviously going out to Vanessa the entire Bryant family. Everyone everyone the Lakers Lakers organization N._B._A.. In general but Yeah that's we'll we'll you'll hear from us a little bit later this week..

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