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In bitcoin like put the equivalent amount of thought into doing that and and effort you know and and I you know I coined the term hardware y last resort. So you don't necessarily need to be doing this on a daily or weekly basis. I mean you set up your cold storage properly in they're like why do you ever need to touch the gold storage right Because as a point of it you're hiking body to hold it indefinitely And so you don't need to be moving stuff around but I also like proof aquis. He's because you can do that once a year just to you know dust off your cold. Storage brush up on your current S. practices. Make sure that all your backups or working and things like that making sure that you don't have Ki- like coins sitting on different exchange accounts or wherever that you might have forgotten the about you. Do you do that type of spring cleaning once a year in what what better time than the first of the year by January third like what better time to do it The chances of losing your bitcoins or losing track of them are forgetting about him. Goes Down because you know January third. You're going around found everywhere like just trying to find stuff that you might have forgotten about. Just checking all those exchange accounts and Peter McCormack From what what Bitcoin did podcast. He he actually credits with saving him half the bitcoin because he he had totally forgotten about it on crypto PIA and because only because of proof of keys he went and looked around and oh I forgot my half that bitcoin there so he withdraw. He withdrew it. And then you know a short time later Topi failed old and went into receivership and he would have totally lost half a bitcoin that he had forgotten about. Had he not participated in proof. Accuse so you know that's a that's another important thing to do is just just be looking around. Let's look into some.

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