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Forty five CCA this evening Get your keys now Here's the latest here is the latest that we. Have, to be aware well before I do this story, on Wall Street today the Dow wind down down. Down seventy four point five points. Twenty five. Thousand five oh nine Dow is. Down seventy four point five NASDAQ was up three. And a half points seven thousand eight hundred and ninety two and the s&p five hundred went down four points. Twenty eight fifty. Four Not a lot of activity not a lot of movement I'm a lot of activity not a lot of movement All right here's the latest where we have to and the other thing that and reveal, who's with its yesterday she's, one of the senior fellow. That an organization called the, digital deception project Emam play Digital deception project Warrant what she was the FCC Commissioner who warned the FCC as she was headed. Out the door this was over three years ago heading out the door and her party shot. Was will do we want our elections in the United States to be influenced by the likes, of Ladimir Putin People thought she was nuts People thought well that's over. The top and see you but she was right Had an on yesterday and I said and it looks like. You know, we, as citizens as voters of people concerned. About losing our democracy Three things we need, to do one we need to slap the FCC upside the head So they start doing more to protect the democracy to, protect voting in states slap congress upside. The head to allocate more monies to the states And then slap each other upside. The head so we aren't so fricking stupid and vulnerable and naive We don't buy all this crap Don't take it at face value and I'm talking to you because a lot, of you did two years ago you're sucking. Up all the anti. Hillary stuff like with the gospel You were played you were the perfect perfect person for the, Russian trolls in Mongolia where Saint Petersburg wherever they were hanging out These people are ripe for picking, the perfect your true believers Part, of the cult They'll buy it all we have, to say is? Hillary is this Hillary is that Hillary's a cold blooded murder No by it and you did Culpable. Naive easy Pickens Of course that was two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen twenty thousand twenty eight still going on still, going on But like a good cockroach or good virus Or a surviving species of bacteria It evolves It morris People are. Onto us we need new ways to do it new ways to roll it out, new analytics New message A new way to harvest information about people so we know, their weaknesses We know their vulnerabilities So we cannot waste our time and money going after people. Who are paying attention we need to go after the people who are not paying attention people who are easily easily fooled because they don't even know this exists right there are probably still people. Out there to go? What do you? Mean what are trolls what are what? Are you. Talking about Russian interference Mongolia what the heck are you? Talking about So it has morphed It has evolved I mentioned that somebody in, the building today The next problem. Is going, to be something called deep fakes he? Said what the heck is the deep fake Is that where you know like a wide. Receiver Jukes, inside goes outside goes long ago now Defects here here defects are being rolled out defects or something that Mark Zuckerberg won't talk, about Facebook won't talk about Twitter Montauk about YouTube won't talk. About They know it exists they've already seen examples of deep fix I'll tell you what a deep fake is, when we come back. And where you may see yourself next And you won't like it Might you.

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