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Training camp what we've what we've seem to notice is there seems to be certain points of camp where the defense is doing really well in dominating things for a long stretch of time. The offense is playing really wound. Defense is really struggling or quite frankly. Both both units are struggling. Well it turns out that These are taking turns here. They're kind of taking turns in terms of who's who's Who's playing well who's not playing. Well who's showing up. Who's not who's not showing up and you know the basically the takeaways here aside from the the the cool videos on here that on since jungle on this post here really. The offense bounced back And then me on williams was was impressing. Here's will read our this year because of the video Took up the screener but trayvon williams looking like he is playing pretty well Played well in front of the crowd on saturday. So you got you. Gotta treat me. On williams impressing nary could see here with with joe. Mix in and somali j. p. rhine having the top two running back spots locked up. Not mitch the bengals of ghana. The regular season with just three packs four williams needs to in camp. And then obviously you've got you've got buca. Williams got chris evans in there. They're also working at wide receiver at times so Williams looked like he had a couple of nice. Plays on on saturday and those videos were courtesy of daddy. Mcdougal check those out on his twitter account. Taylor seems to be this. This preseason hero it usually happens with the bengals wide receiver position at trent. Taylor seems to be the guy that is really impressing so You know we've we've sort of penciled him in had us in cincy jungle in those who cover the team we've sort of penciled him in as the teams punt returner he's gonna make this team he's gonna special teams value so We we've pencilled him in as a guy that's gonna make this team and here you go. Ben baby trenton. Taylor in trenton. Irwin had some nice catches today. As as of saturday Tiller did a great job waiting on a corner route from borough who dropped in well so a lot of good things come in from saturday especially on the offensive side of the ball and then of course. Evan mcpherson the team's rookie kicker that they drafted he's hitting bombs and in all kinds of different practices and he looks really really good awesome cyber his hit some good kicks while mcpherson just continues to impress so a really good showing by the bengals especially on offense on saturday. Maybe that was a little bit intentional with all the people in attendance there but who knows they they seem to be. The offense seemed to be doing while there. And then there's been a lot of jostling back and forth in terms of overall unit performance. Defense offense which which i i know. Sometimes it's like oh boy but sometimes it's good. It is good to see both units having their time to shine in different parts of practice now also on saturday what was seen and heard among the fan base who were in attendance. Zack taylor addressed the crowd. And one of the things he proclaimed was at fans will be proud of these bangles now. Maybe a little vague as to what that specifically means but one thing. I can prompt the quotas one thing i can promise you. You're going to be very proud of this team this year. Now does that mean more wins. I think a lot of beliefs does that mean more wins in these one possession games that they can't seem to close out hopefully does that mean more decisive wins. Does that mean a higher level of effort. Now that zack. Taylor has quote unquote his guys. The hope is that the answer is yes to all of those So i i think as we all sit here and we have a pretty high level of optimism for this team where they're heading zack. Taylor proclaims that fans that he did this at the back together. Saturday event publicly addressing the fans Saying that you know basically fans are gonna be proud of this team. Whatever that specifically means whatever he is maybe going to point to it. That will we'll see but he's pretty confident where the bangles are at at this point in what they are doing in training camp. What they've been showing. So i guess we gotta take back at his word and believe that the bengals are heading in the right direction. Like i said a lot of sights and sounds from camp seemed to be showing that now. Let's keep moving on into later in the weekend and into yesterday. Which was monday some more sights and sounds from the team. This is And if you don't follow this gentlemen. Please do keith jenkins. He covers the the cincinnati bengals. He's been doing a good job over at camp there This is a quote from mike. Hilton who is quickly becoming a fan favourite. I mentioned he was one of. It's not my favorite free agency. Addition by the bengals this off season but a quote that was relayed. Now what's kind of different to me. i mean. sometimes we've had players that talk after practice. Sometimes there's a little bit of the practice quotes. It seems that most of these are coming before practice. But at any rate. Mike helton addressing. The media said this of jessie bates. He is the number one. Safety quote is the best safety in the game. He doesn't just get the respect. he deserves. praised his mental approach and playmaking ability. And that's i guess why that would be especially eye-opening the fact that hilton play with mak- fitzpatrick a guy who usually gets a lot. More praise a lot more attention nationally than just bates does. So that kinda of tells you a lot. He played with another good safety. You know it could be a little bit players speak there but hey we all love. Jessie bates we hope he gets extended. And we know he is one of if not the best safety in the game right now. So you gotta you gotta like those words from mike hilton. Praising one of his secondary secondary buddies we big. Jim saint pay the man of course and then trae rock saying he ain't lying. Let's keep rolling on here so there was some different stuff going on with some injuries. Now fortunately knock on wood. Everybody knock on wood at the same time here. That's been very very quiet. The beginning part of training camp. It hasn't been the case in zack. Taylor i two training camps in terms of avoiding injuries in the early parts of practice but there are a couple of guys who have who are on the pup list and then off it and then there are some others that are dealing with some tweaks. We'll get to that in just a second year but cam sample the rookie. Defensive lineman has been cleared to practice. This is on cincy. Jungle dot com. Courtesy of jason markham. he was He did pass a physical He had been placed on that active physically unable to perform listen again..

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