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With Keller Williams Realty Puget Sound. On the Michael Medved Show. The hill is reporting that progressive and women's groups coordinated three hundred candlelight vigils. That took place across the US on Wednesday night to demonstrate opposition to President Trump's supreme court nominee. Brad kavanagh. The vigils attended by thousands nationwide began early Wednesday evening and states, including California, Alaska, Arizona and more Alaskan Arizona, of course, are particularly important here because of the four undecided senators and they're only four of one hundred who are undecided. One is from Alaska that would be Jeff flake who was leaving his Senate seat and. That's Arizona and Alaska Lisa Murkowski, Senator from Alaska. I do believe that in the last analysis. Probably Murkowski Collins and flake will all come home and vote for Brad Kavanagh. Now, these are three senators, none of whom are great fans of President Trump. But even Republicans who've been very critical of President Trump, and I'm one of them would say that one of the things that he has done that has been wonderful in his administration. And yes, I think it's been wonderful. He's appointed exceptionally fine. Judges and not just Neal Gorsuch, but appellate court judge isn't a record number of them have been confirmed. Thank you, Mitch McConnell. This is the way it's supposed to be president working with majority leader to put good people in the judiciary and not people who are going to upset our constitution or tariff our constitution. There are people who are returning to the constitutional order and to limit the power of the judiciary, by the way. That's extraordinary because there is a normal human desire to grab as much power as you can. And the idea of a constitutionalist judge like an Antony Scalia or Neal Gorsuch or Brad Kavanagh. Is that someone says look I get to decide a lot of things as a Justice of the supreme court, but I don't get to make new legislation or create or discover new rights that no one ever suspected existed before. That's refreshing. And it's worth supporting. And I think it's. Is very much a force in unifying the Republican party. The Republican party hasn't been so unified on any issue, not even the tax cuts. Though, they did go through. This issue. I think is unified conservative sentiment across the board number one. Because Brad Kavanagh is a good, man. And an outstanding judge who by the way, who's judgment of been affirmed by the supreme court in the past in a record number of them. He has been very successful judge so far. He's a good, man. The other reason it's unified the Republican party is because the democratic assault has been so despicable. And it has been despicable and childish demeaning. I do think this is going to motivate Republicans to turn out to care about this election, and it should. And with any hope at all it after all the hysteria will discourage Democrats. The. This is breaking axios on the midterm elections. Just breaking just-released top Republicans tell axios that they're seeing surprising and widespread surge GOP voter enthusiasm powered largely by support for Brett cavenaugh and his supreme court nomination. What they're saying. The cavenaugh debate has dropped a political grenade into the middle of the electorate that have been largely locked and Democrats favor for the past six months said Josh Holmes, a former top aide to majority of the year. Mitch McConnell pointing to Montana, Indiana, West Virginia, Missouri and Tennessee homes added private polling shows the enthusiasm shift is unmistakable in the red states that will determine control of the Senate Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins who are going to be returned to the Senate. I don't want to return to the Senate in a minority. It's one of the reasons they have to vote right NPR PBS NewsHour merit poll released yesterday. Found that the Y democratic enthusiasm advantage. That is defined the two thousand eighteen campaign up to now has disappeared. In july. And there was a ten point gap between the democrat percentage who said that the elections were very important as the Republicans who said the elections, very important. Now that gap is down to two points, which is a statistical tie. Let's go to your calls to that show. Thanks for taking my call. I I wish I had a chance to really delve into this issue. But of course, I Don I can only make a few points. But I would say Benjamin with column really expresses my opinion. A lot of conservatives out there who would agree with me. The political capital being spent on cabinet isn't worth. And it's not changing my vote memorable. Michael voting for the Democrats any Republican by any pains me it pains me to say this as a lifelong Republican. But I think the would you vote would you vote to confirm Brett cavenaugh? No, I would not I I agree. Benjamin wynn. I agree with Jennifer Rubin. Who by the way, was vilified hardly today by conservative royalty who think they're entitled. And and they have a monopoly on conservatism really getting tired of the conservative Newton the punditry everybody operating together to make it sound. But we are one mind a lot on on cavenaugh. Why would you vote to deny him confirmation supreme court? He he hasn't. I thought his behavior at the hearing was an absolute disgrace. I understand what he went through. I was accused of hitting Teamsters. I stood trial was Nashville bluesy. I never would it be. Don, we're losing a little bit. Are you there? Okay. I'm sorry. I didn't make cut you off your your phone dropped out. Look, I I do think this is fundamental because if if Kavanagh's nomination is denied if it is blocked, I think it would be an electoral disaster for Republicans and a democratic house for anything that any conservative claims to care about how is a democratic house in advantage. How does it help you may be alienated from given candidate? There are some Republican candidates. But you know, what they're Republicans and is important to maintain that house.

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