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Nuances of what these policies have meant for Chinese citizens, and yes, Chinese policy has affected us in America. One person who does understand those issues as veteran journalist, and now author Vanessa who are who was a river of stars uses fiction to deal with the reality facing many pregnant women in China policy that I began in nineteen seventy nine as part of China's efforts to limit birth. And in turn created a generation and coupled with that, there's a strong cultural preference for boys, and so if a family had a daughter in some cases, or through sex flushing tests, they might decide to put the Talbot per adoption. So that's one way the policy sort of rippled across the ocean United States, which welcomes the baby girls with open arms. But it also led to a generation a family who had to do what they could bend the rules in order to have report. Plead up. And so in some cases, that might lead to people giving birth overseas or going overseas have IBS so they can get kids in one shot while the American practice of adopting these Chinese daughters is nothing new who says she recently heard of a development that ultimately inspired her novel. I was living in southern California while I was pregnant with my twin sons and I began hearing about these maternity centers maternity hotels. They were just suburban homes that had been remodeled to fit in like a dozen pregnant women, and it just neighbors were complaining why we're all these pregnant women coming and going week after week sounded like a Bronco and reverse. And so I looked into it more. And it was intriguing to hear about how these women were coming here to give birth. And I thought about what was it like to be away from home and the most vulnerable time in your life. But what was it like to be among so many other pregnant women? Given that I was pregnant with twins. I was hugely pregnant and people were very kind to me they'd say like, oh, come to the front of the line or take the seat. But if you have a little sad who gets the sympathy who gets good wishes who gets to be be. And so I thought it seemed like situation ripe for drama, but also right for comedy, though. It has comedy throughout who has novel also gets to the real heart of putting yourself in the shoes of one of these young mothers to be desperate to do anything for their unborn child and the daughter of Chinese immigrants myself, I know has long been aware of the sacrifices that are made to come to new land leaving behind language culture, family, everything and sort of how to understand the rituals and ways of being in this country alongside with just trying to make a living economically or trying to understand how do you find a place to live or some kind of work where? Just things that are totally unfamiliar in this country and figuring that out while at the same time being a new mother, and in some ways people about motherhood like moving to another country in the way, it is you're passing from one state to another. And again, you have all these things that you're learning about yourself as my character is baseless moving to a new country and becoming a mother at the same time who associate was attracted to the idea of writing a novel about some of these modern wrinkles that have changed the immigrant experience drastically, our origin myth is that we are a nation of immigrants, so it feel historical. And yet I would argue that immigration the story is as new is the latest arrival at the fo. And so there is coming in today. So when I walk in immigrant enclaves often they made the working class, but also a sensitive by polity, right? There's a sense of driving and of trying to go. From this jumping off point and to build a life in this country for themselves and for their children. But that's in terms of the modern immigrant experience. I was just thinking about this used to be like say, for example, something like Ellis Island or even angel island out in the US wants, you came you stayed. It was like you might have dreamed of returning the homeland for a visit. But it was more difficult travel with expensive or might only go and one immigration that was it. But now with the internet and travel and changing diplomatic relations between countries and can go back and forth. And I think both countries can enrich each other Rubik investment that you bring knowledge or investment from here. There's a chance for sort of like, you don't have to necessarily leave everything behind tackling these complex issues of a foreign countries domestic policy, I ended its international impacts is of course, difficult who says she drew heavily on her experiences as. Professional writer. My two decades as a journalist has informed my fiction as well writing about the Chinese American community and about the diaspora done reporting from China and the villages, and then the factories, and I've heard the stories of women who has just undergone so much social and economic change within their lifetime. And so that's something also reflected in my main character Scarlett and the stories of other women in the book. Of course, the book is also about becoming a mother who says her experiences in this realm to our big dried into her novel because she began writing her tail just months after giving birth to twins mother myself. I had all the thoughts about how writing change I think in many ways, sometimes when you become a parent and you're starting to become a parent. You wonder, oh what all the ways? I might be limited time isn't going to be my own. When in fact, I found that when I became a mother those true, I do have. Less time now, but also becoming a mother has really expanded my view of the wall just in terms of thinking. The first time my twins, experienced rain. What a what am I glowing water and falling from the sky or thinking about the way I was raised. And how what would I would pass on to my kids? It could be frustrating. I think there were times where I would drop went on. And they'd be nursing. It'd be bouncing on a ball and trying to type over their head. And sometimes I feel guilty. The times when we had help a sitter or something I might be writing. And I'd say about them are working on a book about parenthood. But yet I was away from them. So that sometimes felt difficult in the end though, who has this finish novel. And she hopes her book conjoint, a chorus of other Chinese American and Asian American writers telling diverse stories in novels like Seles tings. Little fires everywhere. Poor Kevin Kwan's crazy rich Asian series. I think there is an interesting acknowledgement that there is a taking world and given that literature. That's such a wonderful job of, fostering, empathy. I think people are printing can be books as a way not only to be entertained and compelled and indeed we move, but also to as a way of understanding the world. And so I think that we're seeing all these American books coming out Asian American books coming out because we're. Coming of age novel or river of stars is available now for information on all of our guests. Visit our site at viewpoints online dot net..

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