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You can't just assume that they that they can replace him that ease Daime Williams was really affective. He's really good. But Kareem hunt. Good. I mean if Kareem hunt posted that stat line, you tell ya. It's a cream hunt game. So Kareem hunt is just the dude. No, no, no. I'm not trying to clearly Kareem hunt was very clearly the best of those backs where and Damien Williams, Damian Williams might be more effective than where where you surprises. He'd Kelvin Benjamin pop up as a chief last night. And man is he the biggest guy on the field. Kelvin Benjamin is the rare. I did he look thin or did. He look fat to you. Because it looked like the biggest guy on the field. 'cause Kelvin Benjamin we were talking about this the other day, the idea that Kelvin Benjamin might be histories only fat wide receiver. I mean, I know what he looked like the last time I saw him. And I doubt he dropped that much weight in the time since I thought they were lining up. I'm not even joking like that. Because they line them up. Why he's a wide receiver. I thought it was like a tight end. I thought it was a safety Schwartz was an eligible receiver reporting for that play. So help me out here in one score games. They played eight of them and lost three of them. They're five and three in one score games that I wasn't counting the reason I asked the question is because if if there's a team in football the saints go out, and they lose against Dallas. And it's a three point loss and the saints losses this season. You can't blow them out. It's not possible to blow out the saints. They're not they're the high level of team in this league. Football can be pretty random a lot of things every week get decided by bounce. But when a team has only one loss one score losses on its resume when that's all that's on the resume. That's not a team. I'm going to question. Right. They're five and three and those games. Yeah. And all three losses were by field goal or less. Dan. Happy birthday brother fifty years. And while your body says a half-century your liver screaming seventy-five, I wondered where I could go there was iconic enough to encapsulate the Dan Libertad dominant. Where could I go that screams that resonance, and I know you're Miami hurricanes. So you got history here. What says Dan toward more than touchdown Jesus? Oh, what are you doing here in truth? I just happened to be at Notre Dame. I'm so honored to be there today. I love you, brother. And I appreciate you championing me not only as a colleague. But as a person. Appreciate it. So much. Somebody. Brought you some depends, and maybe some that's celebrates for your aching joints may the next fifty as good as the I love you, brother. He's such a warm, dude. I mean, he really is. He's a sweet man who was it. That was Marty. Bilo sell high time for some ants. That's fine. That's the way to do it. The rest of the show. Just as an who was that, the if you love football yelling at television screens with Rams and wearing clothing with someone else's name on it..

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