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The train, I project have expanded the meaning of opera have taken place in warehouses. Museums status Boisture. He takes a look at folk music, archivist Alan Lomax, and how he developed a system that grandfather Pandora Spotify and other music services joy, the show, we are here today with Joe deeds. Joe thank you for guarding story. I'm very well. Thank you for having me, my pleasure. So I'm very curious about the idea of or Stor because it's an opera about Alan Lomax. Right. Right. And I really interesting that Allen was, you know, John Lomax on, so he's from a family of USA colleges, and people think thought he music in a way. Would you say that you had been bringing similar to, to Allen's not at? All parents are certainly not musicians or composers. Certainly, they're definitely not folk song collectors. So I came at this from from. My own direction where you're interested in what you do then. Well, I came to New York about twenty years ago, and I ride here as a composer. But as a composer, that wanted to collaborate with other artists. So I began to work with a our collective guilt..

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