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And then you went to some magical transformer AT, and that opened up and just had like Scrooge mcduck moneybags that you were taking out, and I have not stop thinking about what this dirt could have possibly been for. Oh, it's just Fowler needed some soil for some plants. But what's great about Amine? Is he purposely took the bag from me? So he can tell the story that I made him carry the back like I was carrying the bag, and I'm gonna be interesting because no one knows what it's like to be a giant more so than cattlemen, and no one is more of a giant than Eli manning. And Pat Shurmur said today from the combine that ally manning is his guy. I don't know if you imagine that that's what the actual therapy session forced to God's like we're just goes in. And he just does a show. Like, do you think he says an also doctor therapist person one eight hundred flowers? For all your flower needs. Amine also said that this ace hardware that you were at was closed, and that you were like waving your arms to people to get them to open it for you. That's true. That part was true, not waving harms. I just stood there. We're going to be good. I was the first one to say it. But no one will the dance starts sending me tax articles about the air. And FOX Marvin Bagley and how to the future the NBA. And you know, he believes that guy. But doesn't believe me when I said at seven months before he did I'm telling you this is the Humana here. I've I've lost patience with him. When it's when he's lapsed into king, Sacramento Kings takes and it's not just kings stakes. But it's Williamson plays another second for Duke basketball is out of his mind, and if coach K really cared about in the way, he cares about his own son. I don't know if he has them. And if you had a on I'm guessing coach K would tell his son not to play another second for do because he's not getting paid. Okay. Zaia Ziya Williams. He also said he spent fourteen dollars on gluten free cat food. That's all we changed the name of the Redskins Washington Redskins. I mean, the only one who doesn't see this is Daniel Snyder. And how does he not see? I mean, it's possible. He's the owner. He's got the best. How does someone find out that their cat? Can't eat. Gluten. He's making that up. We were just walking through a change baseball team slow. I mean, they put a pitch clock in their twenty seconds. That's gonna fix it. I'll tell you how to it's it mega Quaker. How about sittings how about that? Office well up. I mean, these teams all these teams are out of it after three weeks out about we expand the playoffs. And that way every team is a she hot late and some stop being therapy. I thought he was going to be doing therapy out there. And all these doing is just recycling takes from taking of expanding playoffs. I'm on the college football playoff, his fourteen thing. Give me six. Gimme gimme thirty two. I don't care just give me a scenario..

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