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That the league rejected Israel's limited visit permission democratic lawmakers are said to be considering legislative action against Israel's top diplomat destroying a presidential tweet president trump waited on that possibility of taking aim at the so called squad tweeting in part house Democrats want to take action against Israel because it is fighting back against two maybe four people that have sent said unthinkable the bad things about it in the Israeli people fox's guard Tenney withdrawing US troops from America's longest war in Afghanistan well look where there for one reason we don't want that to be a laboratory okay can't be a laboratory for terror and we stop that president trump before boarding marine one in Morristown New Jersey this is fox news connected continues with one oh six one F. M. talk a nurse at WakeMed hospital in Raleigh will make his first court appearance this morning on weapons charges James Webb was arrested also charged with kidnapping and first degree sex offense in Wilson county lieutenant governor Dan forest will seek the state's top job in twenty twenty Forrest officially launched his bid for governor with a rally Saturday in Winston Salem he's the second Republican behind representative Holly Grange to announce a challenge against governor Roy Cooper Burlington police are looking for a woman who hasn't been seen since June forty five year old Patricia Marquez described as white about five seven hundred seventy five pounds she has black hair and brown eyes the tar heels of settled on a starting quarterback freshman Sam how will beat out to other contenders you in C. will open the.

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