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Is Kevin Hart. What shack, isn't it? Kevin James in it, everyone that's ever been an absolute movie is in it, And I felt like Kevin James was definitely going to be in there. And I know Jason saw Hubie Halloween. I saw it over the weekend. And it's so stupid, but I loved it that some other people say hated it so much the worst movie ever. I thought if you go in with that type of movie knowing what that type of movie is this enjoyable, Okay. Yeah, it felt like a Billy Madison or happy Gilmore just really dumb and fun and doesn't take itself seriously. That's what I need in my life right now to money at true crime or documentaries, Really? Yeah, but he's turned into a hipster. Yeah, I don't feel like he likes much surprised. Even white. Yeah. What does he like? Ah, there's jokes we could make that could be made that we will assure, you know, he's a nice dude. But he's turning to him. I think he likes to be very excuse Negative to say that he goes against the grain like it could be. The greatest thing of all time, like Disney World is like My favorite past using who goes there, So whatever it's not on vinyl, he doesn't like it. I guess a cup of coffee. That's right. It's a good friend. Big. No, no, he's turned from pop culture guy tow hipster. Well, you're still 100% into pop culture. He knows all that's going on in pop culture. Makes funny just hates all of it. Yeah. All right. Moving on and pop quiz. Katie 13 to 2 What? Former American Idol Judge recently bought a mansion from Leona Lewis Toe only put it back on the market 10. Days later, former judges that Paula Abdul Simon what does he like about it? They didn't say, but he are. You lost $200,000 like whatever. Well, that's a drop in the bucket for him. In August, he bought this mansion Simon Cowl for $3.9 million. Then 10 days later, he's like, put it back on the market for $3.7 million. He didn't even move in 10 days later, and it's sold for 3.6. He's good looking houses. He lost 300,000. Did he not have due diligence? He could have done that in the 30 days. I don't know. It's weird. He closed on the house once you close. It's closed so weird, weird. All that time to back out. And then as soon as your closings over it, yeah. Yeah, I know. I'm good. Sell it. What if he's trying to her a favor because she won the British version of American or not? It's not American Idol. Yeah, I think so. All right, recapping pop quiz. Sure, False. One of Miley Cyrus's Dogs got electrocuted on the set of the voice. That is true. It's awful dog's fine. The dog is fine, but yeah. We're done fighting some wires, and they look over and seriously the dog was convulsing on because it was biting the wires. My goodness. Aaron Grandy has a new album coming out Least that's the rumor. What number will this be? This will be number six. Wow, I didn't know was that many? No. And then who sings this?.

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